If You Like Game of Thrones, Check Out These Series

The Last Kingdom is set in the year 872, and the England we know now is divided into seven separate kingdoms.


Ah, Game of Thrones: one of the most popular TV shows right now. It really captured the attention of TV audiences and made HBO a great sum of money in a short time. The sixth season ended in June, and the seventh season won’t premiere until mid-2017.

This means you will have to wait for a long time for season 7, and without Game of Thrones, it might be a hard winter. Worried?

Don’t be! Here, I have compiled a list of eight TV shows that are similar to Game of Thrones. Some of these have the same historical angle; some have the same political angle.

Let’s get started…


Genre: Action, drama, history
Network: HBO
Number of seasons: 2 (22 episodes)

About: In this TV series, the history is depicted from two viewpoints. One of those is Julius Caesar: his family, his successor, their political allies and their adversaries. Another viewpoint comes from a few ordinary Romans, soldiers, and their families. This viewpoint is politically naïve.

Basically, it has everything Game of Thrones has, except dragons. (Of note: Rome and GoT are both owned by HBO.)

The Vikings

Genre: Action, drama, history
Network: History Channel
Number of seasons: 4 (39 episodes)

About: This series revolves around a Viking warrior named Ragnar Lothbrok. Considered the greatest hero of his time, Lothbrok is a fearless warrior who becomes the leader of Viking tribes. People believe him to be the descendant of Odin, the god of war and warriors. The warriors and their fights are epic.

It is similar to GoT because of its historical point of view.

The Last Kingdom

Genre: Action, history, romance
Network: BBC America/Netflix
Number of seasons: 1 (8 episodes)

About: The series is set in the year 872, and the England we know now is divided into seven separate kingdoms. The story revolves around a hero, Uhtred, born a Saxon but captured and raised by the Danes. So which is he? Saxon or Dane? As you might imagine, Uhtred’s loyalties are constantly tested. He has to choose between the country of his birth and the people of his upbringing.

In GoT, no one knows who is loyal to whom; they all have their own self-interests. In this TV series, too, the loyalty of the lead character is in question.


Genre: Action, adventure, biography
Network: Starz
Number of seasons: 3, plus 1 prequel (39 episodes)

About: This TV series revolves around a Thracian gladiator named Spartacus. Claudius Glaber betrays Thracians, captures Spartacus, and condemns Spartacus’s wife to slavery. In battle, he defeats four gladiators who were tasked to kill him, making him popular with the crowd. Batiatus buys Spartacus to train him as a gladiator, and promises to find his wife; secretly, though, Batiatus orders her killed. When Spartacus finds out, he vows to kill everyone.

The violence, betrayals, and fight scenes are similar to those of GoT .

The Bastard Executioner

Genre: Drama, history, fiction
Network: FX
Number of seasons: 1 (10 episodes)

About: The Bastard Executioner is the story of a soldier who was betrayed in war and left to die. A mysterious child persuades him to lay down his sword and live, but when living in peace does not work, he picks up the sword again and takes his revenge.

Politics and violence are the elements similar to GoT .

Black Sails

Genre: Adventure, drama
Network: Starz
Number of seasons: 3 (28 episodes)

About: This series, set two decades before the events of Treasure Island, depicts the story of Captain Flint. Flint, his crew, and other pirates hunt for treasure and declare war against the world.

Though not directly similar to GoT, this series has the same political element.

The Tudors

Genre: Drama, history, romance
Network: BBC Two
Number of seasons: 4 (38 episodes)

About: This is a TV series about politics, power struggles, and betrayals. King Henry VIII rules his empire, has many affairs, and marries a lot of women.

There are many people who want the power for themselves and plot schemes against the king. In this aspect, this series is close to GoT .

The Borgias

Genre: Crime, drama, history
Network: Showtime
Number of seasons: 3 (29 episodes)

About: This series is about the Borgia family. By bribing the right people, Rodrigo Borgia rises to power in the Roman Catholic Church and becomes Pope Alexander VI. This creates rivalries between the noble families, and the Borgia family gains many enemies. Others plot against the Borgia family, and the family needs alliances.

Enemies form alliances among themselves, just like GoT , and the ones who have the power struggle to maintain it.

Let’s Wrap It Up

These are the TV series to watch until showrunners of Game of Thrones return with Season 7. Action, adventure, comedy, drama, thrill, politics or violence: whatever your taste, these TV shows have these elements.

If I have to recommend my two favorites, I would choose The Vikings and Spartacus. I like the former because it is based on the life of Viking tribes, their great warriors, and their struggles of life. The latter, too, is excellent, based on the life of a slave warrior who, separated from his wife, fights his way back to reunite with her.

Feel free to let me know your own favorites from this list!

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Author bio: Pankaj is a diehard Game of Thrones fan. He likes John Snow better than any other character of GOT. He maintains the Cinema Tyrant blog and welcomes you to check it out.

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