5 Horror Movies to Make Your Skin Crawl

No matter your age, one of the best ways to spend a night with friends is to watch horror movies.


Among all the genres, the horror genre is the one that people can’t resist watching. There are two types of horror movie fans: ones who love watching horror movies, and others who can’t stand them. We all have a friend who just doesn’t want to go to horror movies, and another who keeps pushing; that’s just how it is.

The quality of a horror movie is also easy to assess: You’re either scared or you’re not. There are many types of fears that a horror movie can inspire. The most popular one is the one most people don’t want to feel: the jump scare. It is the scare effect you feel when, out of the blue, a huge monster appears, shouting into the camera. It scares people and it is guaranteed to work. You know you have watched an amazing horror movie when you are afraid of going to your own bathroom in the middle of the night.

Movies like these get marketed via word-of-mouth and people still watch them decades beyond their initial premiere. People like them so much, they want their friends to watch these movies and suffer alongside them.

I have a list of scary movies for my friends that I’m going to share with you today. Here are the top five horror movies that will scare the hell out of you:

1. Jennifer’s Body

Genre: Comedy, Horror

About: This movie revolves around two teenage girls, Needy and Jennifer. Needy is a reserved and bookworm-type girl, while Jennifer is selfish and easygoing. The two are best friends, even though they have very little in common.

One day, in a black magic ritual gone wrong, Jennifer turns into a monster. She then kills many male friends of her class over the next few days, while Needy struggles to keep her boyfriend, Chip, away from Jennifer. How can she save both her friend and her boyfriend?

2. Final Destination 5

Genre: Supernatural, Horror, Thriller

About: Though all the Final Destination movies are scary, this one is far closer to reality. If you have never watched any Final Destination movies, I suggest you to start with this one.

The basic structure of the series is the same: A group of individuals succeed in escaping death by premonition seen by one member. But, death does not leave them, and they are killed in the same sequence originally planned. The one interrupting the sequence survives.

In this movie, Sam has a premonition of a collapsing bridge. He succeeds in saving a group of his colleagues and his girlfriend. But, his efforts seem to go waste when the others start dying, one by one. One of his friends wants to break the chain by killing Sam. How to survive when the dead want to kill you?

3. The Ring

Genre: Horror, Mystery

About: A mysterious videotape is killing its viewers. Whenever the victim watches the videotape, the phone rings, telling him he has seven days to live.

The rumor about this videotape spreads, and many teenagers watch it for fun. When a reporter’s niece is killed because of the tape, she starts an investigation. She watches the tape and now, with seven days to live, races against time to find out why the tape is killing everyone—and how to stop the deaths.

4. Scream

Genre: Horror, Mystery

About: This is one of those horror movies where you don’t know who the killer is until the end comes. You keep accusing one character after another for the murders, but the end seems very different.

In this movie, a mysterious killer calls victims and asks them, “What’s your favorite scary movie?” If the victim answers it wrong, he is killed. The characters are aware of real-world horror movies and use it to their advantage.

Sidney is one of the intended victims. Though she manages to escape the killer, he keeps haunting her. Who is this mysterious killer, and what does he want?

5. You’re Next

Genre: Horror, Thriller

About: This is another shocking horror movie. Aubrey and Paul Davison’s family is having a reunion at their rural vacation home. They have three sons and one daughter, and are present with their respective spouses, making it 10 members present at the reunion.

During the dinner, some strangers wearing animal masks attack the family members with a crossbow. Their phone’s signals are jammed by the killers. Due to their different animal masks, they are hard to recognize and some killers are hiding in the rooms.

Family members are trapped in the house, where the killers have written “You’re Next” in blood on the walls. From these 10 victims, one has the ability to fight back. That family member kills every single masked killer, proving to be the ultimate killer himself.

But what’s the motto of killing the Davison family? Are they psycho killers or do they want something from the Davison family? These all answers unfold as the story progresses.

Ready to Watch These Movies?

No matter your age, one of the best ways to spend a night with friends is to watch horror movies. Popcorn, screams, and laughter will turn into a great entertainment.

Before you decide to pick a movie from this list, let me share my favorite: I love The Ring because the first time I watched it, it literally freaked me out. Now when I watch it again, it still gives me occasional goosebumps.

If you have not seen any of these movies, get started on them today. They are among the best of the horror genre. Not only are these great scary movies, but they are also heralded films overall, winning many awards.

Note: I intentionally did not include classic horror movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist, Psycho, Jaws, Misery, and The Sixth Sense. They are already mentioned countless and times in horror movie lists, and many of you have likely already seen them.

Horror movies take you on a horrific thrill ride that leaves you craving and coming back for more. And if you need more movies to watch, check out my list of best movies on Netflix. | Pankaj Solanki

Pankaj is the blogger behind the Cinema Tyrant Netflix blog, a website created for Netflix fans showing new movies and TV shows added to Netflix on a regular basis.

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