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That’s the thing about dreams: They never forget about you.


I can remember the day I started this column. I was a senior at Webster University and, after watching one of my favorite movies, Brown Sugar, felt inspired to write about my own journey with music. I waited until my next advisor meeting with Jim to unleash my idea and he smiled and said, “I think it’ll be great, but I don’t want you to burn out writing it, either.” After thinking it over, I decided to proceed and went back to my apartment, sat at my desk, and began to write the intro to Brown Suga.

The words flowed so effortlessly that, as I reread through each word, I began to get excited thinking this was going to be my baby, my claim to getting that writing position with Billboard. Then, splat! Life happened. I graduated and the real work of finding real work began, and I started to become less excited about meeting the demands of something that was once so important to me. Looking back, I made a lot of mistakes at first: one, writing weekly; two, not thinking about the plan once I graduated; and three, being lazy. My drive had waned and I allowed the pressures of adulting to overshadow my sanctuary—but not anymore.

Admittedly, it’s taken me a while to get back to this place, and with much encouragement (thanks Laura, Jim, Angelique, Aunt Dae, and all of my lovely friends and family), I’m here and I couldn’t be more ready. But you know what I’m most ready for? To take back my dreams. And that’s the thing about dreams: You can sometimes forget about them, push them to the back of your mind, and even leave them, but they never forget about you. They haunt you. They taunt you until you finally overcome the fear to chase them.

Quite like brown sugar, you may leave it on the shelf and only use it once—but when you use it, you never forget the taste and how the smells lingers. You forget about its greatness, but once you remember how tasty it is, you can’t wait for the next sampling. And as Beyoncé, a Brown Suga alum, said, “I don’t like to gamble, but if there is one thing I’m willing to bet on, [it] is myself.”

As always, I love you for sampling with me. Stay tuned for more Brown Suga coming your way!



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