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They were singing about stuff I had been through: triumphing over obstacles, gaining and losing loved ones, and learning to be comfortable in your own skin.



I remember the first time I fell in love with Destiny’s Child after I saw their “No, No, No, Pt. 2” video on VH1. I was sprawled out on the floor watching TV; I had to be 11. In fact, when I heard the beat and saw the flashing scenes come blazing across the screen rhythmically, I was enthralled. Wyclef Jean provided an introduction to who they were: Destiny’s Child from Houston, Texas.
I was completely smitten by their presence, four girls with similar interests but different styles. I had to have their debut album, and I’ve recently come to appreciate it now more than I did then. However, their second album, Writings on the Wall, was nothing short of amazing; I guess that’s why it was certified Diamond.
The album leads with “Bills, Bills, Bills” then “Bug a Boo”; I was all about DC, but the song that made me a diehard fan was “Stay.” It was number 14 on the album. Though I had yet to experience any situation close to the one sung about, it had me hooked from the melodious chimes and keyboard to the lyrics and the vocal performance. I could feel every bit of emotional sincerity in Beyonce’s voice as she belted out, “If I granted all of your wishes/ gave you more than touches and kisses/ would you stay?/ Stay, I need you to stay.”
As we all know, all great things come to an end, and DC split. The group went from four members to a different four, then three. Honestly, I was skeptical of the new girl, Michelle, and a bit disgusted with Beyonce and Kelly on how Letoya and Latavia were gone and replaced so quickly, but I was willing to give the new DC a try.
Survivor introduced their new sound and I was back in again. They were singing about stuff I had been through: triumphing over obstacles, gaining and losing loved ones, and learning to be comfortable in your own skin. I have to say that this album’s message has a lot to do with who I have become today. It helped me find that inner security and genuine love of self.
Just when I thought DC had left enough songs in my heart, the group’s final album, Destiny Fulfilled,blessed me. Laced with trials of love, the album gave me favorites such as “Is She the Reason?,” “Bad Habit,” “If” and “Free,” each of which made me fall in love all over again.
Maybe it was such a wonderful soundtrack to what I would experience soon, but “Free” enraptured every bit of my heart: “Ain’t no feeling like being free when your mind’s made up and your heart’s in the right place/ Ain’t no feeling like being free when you’ve done all you could but what’s misunderstood is all good/ Ain’t no feeling like being free, I’m like an eagle set free and finally I’m looking out for me.”
And the best part of this album? It was released on my birthday November 16 (OK, it was pushed up to the 15th due to leaking, but still). It was truly given its title appropriately because all destinies had been fulfilled.
I’ve grown up with them. I’ve watched them go from “No, No, No” girls to bill-paying young ladies to independent survivors and, ultimately, fulfilled women. For the songs you’ve given me, Destiny’s Child, to help me push through any situation, I thank you. My undying love will always be yours to keep forever.

I’ve shared my love affair, and now I want you to share yours. Email me at and tell me your story of how you fell in love with music.

| Ashley White

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