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Mya 75Mya was sure to make women feel empowered like they were the crème de la crème, and everyone would just have to deal, and I loved her for every bit of it.

Mya 500

“Who’s drawers are these? You know I wear a size four…” Mya sang as she came across the screen with curly hair and bronze lipstick. I was watching The Box completely engulfed in the video for its dancing, high school setting, and I thought the girls singing were pretty too. As the video ended after her cheating boyfriend scored the winning game point shot, the girl — a cheerleader — walked off the basketball court and into the car of a new interest and the credits showed at the top of the screen: Mya featuring Silkk Tha Shocker, “Movin’ On.”

That was my — and the world’s — introduction to Miss Mya Harrison. Her next single, “It’s All About Me” featuring Sisqo, was a first glimpse into what would make Mya so appealing. In this song she was sensually demanding. “It’s all about me tonight, yeah/ I ain’t stop loving you ‘cause you still my boo, you’re still my boo/ But you got to see tonight is all about me, me, me, me, me/ Tonight is all about me, me, me, me, me. Forget about you, you, you, you, you/ So what you gonna do, do, do, do, do. Are you gonna get it up, get it up?”

This video showed more of Mya’s dance skills, sex appeal, and her attitude. She wasn’t the girl that would put her feelings to the side for the satisfaction of her mate; she too was going be at the top of her own list. Her sophomore album, Fear of Flying, highlighted her sass, class, and unapologetic nature. Its second single “Case of the Ex” was the tale of Mya confronting her lover about an ex that keeps coming back into the picture for reasons she couldn’t understand.

“Now what is it that she wants,” Mya asks. “Tell me what is it that she needs? Did she hear about the brand new Benz that you just bought for me? ‘Cause y’all didn’t have no kids and share no mutual friends. And you told me that she’s a trick when y’all broke up in ’96.”

I was completely in love with this video’s choreography. I too wanted to be dancing in the desert with a steel pole as my prop, but I settled for the living room and a broomstick.

“Why she on the phone in the middle of the night/ Why she in your life trying to get what’s mine/ She don’t know me, she’s about to know me/ I’m in your life that’s how it’s gon’ to be/ I’ve seen her photo, she ain’t even all that/ So if you want her back you can take her back ‘cause game recognize game, I can do the same thing, get it right change or take back this ring.”

On the same subject of exes there was one song in particular that I now have such a strong appreciation for and that’s “No Tears On My Pillow.” It’s a slow song written by Robin Thicke that describes the moment when you decide it’s over and you’re done wasting time on him. “Can’t say I’m selfish I trust in my heart I know what I want and it tears you apart/ Don’t worry about me thinking of you, my days are filled with too much to do/ The whole world is waiting for me to explore, I can’t waste time on you anymore.”

It wasn’t until I became acquainted with “Free” that I knew Mya was brown suga. Everything about this song was pure fun especially the video choreography. It was so free — pun intended. The video was reminiscent of the ‘80s with pop-locking, break dancing, and roller skating. It’s the perfect song for the young and fabulous who are enjoying life to its fullest.

“If you’re having a good time, just let go and don’t be shy/ Come on yeah, oh yeah/ If you’re down to do whatever, then let’s sing this song together/ I’m free, oh come on and be free with me/ Free, single, sexy, and sweet/ Making my own money, looking for the right party/ And if you’re free, spit your best game at me/ If you like what you see, maybe I’ll let you share my fantasy. Free…”

Mya is a superb performer, and it shows every time she graces the stage. Her voice, while soft, can possess a strong quality about it, but I was more in love with her dancing. She’s been dancing since she was two, and it shows in every turn, kick-ball change, and body twist. The first single off of her third album Moodring, “My Love is Like … Wo” solidified that. Not only was the song the ultimate confident, watch-me-work women’s anthem, Mya seduced her listeners with every lyric and move.

Mya opens the track with one of my favorite lines: “See baby, I know you done had your share of girls, but I am more than confident, you won’t ever have to search in these streets for affection. I got you.” As she sings the first verse and my hips are swaying to the beat, I am completely feeling myself on the chorus: “My love is like wo/ My kiss is like wo/ My touch is like wo/ My sex is like wo/ My ass is like wo/ My body’s like wo/ And you’re kissing it so what you think of it? Wo.”

Almost every track on Moodring highlighted a part of a woman’s self-love. Whether it was her discovery of it through a new relationship, an old broken one, or just a newfound appreciation for herself, Mya was sure to make women feel empowered like they were the crème de la crème, and everyone would just have to deal, and I loved her for every bit of it.

“You” is my favorite ballad on this album followed by the slightly dark “Taste This” and upbeat, reflective “Take a Picture.” Though her next album, Liberation, didn’t really prove commercial success, it showcased just how much she’s grown within herself. Even though she’s still “Ridin”’ past her cheating lover’s mama’s boys and exes house looking for him and “Switchin’ It Up” to get revenge on him and making sure to give props to the chick he’s been cheating with on “Give a Chick a Hand” — all songs I absolutely adore! I’m a lover of ballads and sassy vengeful/let-me-show-you-who-is-really gansta songs too.

Since Liberation, she has released an album, Sugar & Space (Japan only) and a mixtape: Beauty in the Streets, Vol. 1, which I love because it reminds me of all the real reasons why she is Mya — sassy, sexy and self-sufficient. Most recently, Mya released a second Japan only album entitled, K.I.S.S. (Keep It Sexy & Simple) — later released in the US — and it has great songs like “Mr. Incredible,” “Earthquake,” and “K.I.S.S.” that shows the world that Mya is still Mya — moving, evolving, and being brown suga sweet.

For every song, dance move and attitude, you’ve imprinted in my heart, Mya I appreciate you! I look forward to the day you are in the spotlight again and topping the charts.



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