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Feed 75Finding balance between over-the-top and simplicity, The Feed’s music is quirky, fun, and danceable.




The Feed is a St. Louis band with interesting style: 60’s organ surf meets 70’s pop harmonies, brought into a contemporary sound. Finding balance between over-the-top and simplicity, The Feed’s music is quirky, fun, and danceable. The Feed is composed of Dave Grelle (keys and vocals), Kevin Bowers (drums), Jordan Heimburger (guitar), and Ben Reece (bass and saxophone). I had the chance to ask the band a few questions.

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How do you accomplish your songwriting?

DG: Songs are written a number of different ways. Some tunes are improvised jams that we later structure and add lyrics to; some are brought to the table more complete. It’s a pretty loose process where everyone has equal input and, more times than not, creates their own parts.

How would you describe your sound?

JH: We all are into a variety of music, and it can be difficult to put your finger on a description for your own sound. You can hear elements of soul, punk, and blues. The fun thing about this music for me is the energy. Even the songs with medium to slow tempos have a simmering energy, at least the way I feel them.

What is the strangest thing that has happened at a live show?

JH: It’s hard to choose just one. We had someone tell us after a show that we could either go to their new mansion for a late-night jam session or stand on the corner across the street and wait to get stabbed. Both were very attractive options, of course.

What is your favorite song to play live?

KB: Lately, we’ve been closing our shows with “Stella,” which always feels like we’re trying to defuse a bomb in two minutes. It’s exciting.

Are you planning any upcoming shows or projects?

Dave: We’re playing July 19 with Mike Dillon at 2720, which will be all kinds of crazy funky punky weird. Then we’ll have our annual Pool Party and Guitarbecue at Vintage Vinyl sometime this summer. We’re also looking forward to playing with Molly Simms for her album release at Off Broadway on September 4.

Which side are you on: plastic flamingos or garden gnomes?

DG: Stone griffins.

JH: I’m going to side with plants on this one.

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