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brother_lee_jackals_75While I was there, I lost feelings for a long-time lover, I disliked my job, and needed a change. The song wrote itself.



Brother Lee & the Leather Jackals are an original rock/blues band, consisting of Joshua Eaker (electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, and percussions) Sean Kimble (bass guitar, electric guitar, and vocals) and Daniel Blaies (drums, percussions, and vocals). They have a nice solid three piece sound. The thing that strikes me about them is they have two very different song writers, with diverse vocals talents and songwriting abilities. The complete presentation works with a fusion of the two songwriting styles. I caught up with them at the Venice Café for an interview and to take a few photos.

Who is your favorite song writer or major musical influence?

JE: The Beatles. I admired how they covered so many genres of music, which to me makes a great band. 

DB: Blink 182. They taught me the “big three” when it comes to drums—play loud, fast, and hard. 

SK: John Mayer. He continuously influences and challenges me and my potential.

Describe the differences in recording and playing live for you?

JE: Recording is anxiety, while playing live is a full-on adrenaline rush.

DB: I mostly hate recording, but I love performing. There is something really exciting about watching someone watch you do something you love. Josh and I always tried from the start to have a really rowdy live presence. People seem to dig it.   

SK: Recording is so fucking tedious. I think one take live is infinitely better than one thousand takes individually.

What is the strangest thing that has happened when you have played live?

JE: We played in Springfield, Illinois recently with our pals Bruiser Queen. While we were covering “Spoonful” by Howling Wolf, a fan approached us after our set and said that she just so happened to find a “spoonful” on the ground while we were playing and offered us some.

Is there a story you’d like to share behind the song “Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks”?

JE: I’m originally from St. Louis, but I was living in Dallas when I wrote it. While I was there, I lost feelings for a long-time lover, I disliked my job, and needed a change. The song wrote itself. 

If you were on an island and could only bring three things, what would you bring?

JE: I’d bring Whoopie Goldberg, a wizard hat, and a BBQ pit.

DB: A hacky-sack, some Playboy, a surf board.

SK: I would bring Groundhog Day (the movie), a domesticated eagle, and one pair of cut off denim.

ALL: As a band we’d bring a complete stereo system, a brand new walk-man, and extra batteries.

Do you have any upcoming shows or projects you’d like to discuss?

DB: We’re really excited about playing with Molly Simms and The Bible Belt Sinners at Stagger Inn on February 21st. We love the Sinners and Stagger—it’s a perfect storm for us. We also recently made our first EP South City Blues available for free on all of our online media, including iTunes.

If you like original blue/rock with an edge, I suggest checking these guys out via their pages. You won’t be disappointed. Bandcamp: Facebook: 

Photos by: DL Hegel

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