Three To See

Here are just three of the great original St. Louis bands that play around town on a regular basis. Check these three out as soon as you get a chance.


Lo-Freq: It’s hard to leave a club feeling low after seeing Lo-Freq. This band is so lively and entertaining that they make you get off your seat to enjoy the sounds of St. Louis guitar rock. Gary Copeland takes center stage as lead singer and guitarist and literally turns the audience into a bunch of fist-shaking and chanting freaks. Copeland tears through the set, cranking out so many low-string guitar riffs that it seems possible he comes up with them in his sleep. Lo-Freq proves that it’s fun to be a music-listening freak in St. Louis.

The Electric: Some people may be shocked to know that we have a great music scene here in town. But people who have gone to see the Electric know that St. Louis rock is sounding great lately. The Electric brings a larger-than-life rock sound to the stage, perfect for anyone who is addicted to the sounds of the electric guitar. They have the ultimate high-powered, high-energy sound that strikes a chord with the audience with every note.

Bibowats: Bibowats bring plenty of amp wattage to their shows and play loudly. They feature a wall of guitar sound complete with a whole floor of guitar effects spread around the stage and used in various parts of the songs. This band has so many memorable hooks and vocal parts that it’s easy to leave one of their shows with several of their songs in your head. With a great CD available at their shows for $2, it seems they’ll be on the radio before long.

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