Three To See

Here are just three of the great original St. Louis bands that play around town on a regular basis. Check these three out as soon as you get a chance.


The Trip Daddys: If the Trip Daddys are playing, it’s well worth taking a trip to a club to see them. This three-piece group is heavily influenced by rockabilly and has an amazing live sound, complete with guitar solos and a high-energy show that often involves members going into the audience and playing up close to the audience. It’s almost impossible to not enjoy the show. While covers by the Stray Cats and Men Without Hats tend to pop up throughout the set, originals like “As Long as It Rocks” sum this group up best, because the Trip Daddys do just that.

Dead Celebrities: It’s hard to imagine this entertaining punk band playing to a dead audience. Sid Sinatra is such a charismatic singer that he’s exciting to watch regardless of whether you’re right up front or standing in the back of the club. Should the Dead Celebrities ever become celebrities on a national level, Sid will easily hold his own on a big stage. Their sets consist of two-minute songs and a roaring guitar sound that is sure to keep audiences feeling alive whenever they play.

Masochism: This female-fronted death metal group may be a form of masochism for some, but for fans of the genre, this could easily be a joyous experience. Teenagers are scary enough for many folks in the adult world, and this group of teenagers will easily scare the older population. The vocals couldn’t sound any more evil, and the guitar sound is a truly impressive display of machine-gun riffs and driving rhythms. The devastating sound is so effective that it’s hard to believe it’s a group of teenagers playing it. This is not for the weak at heart, but if your soul cries death metal, check it out.

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