Three To See

Here are just three great, original St. Louis bands that play around town on a regular basis. Check them out as soon as you can.

Thanatos Eternal |
Those who are ignorant about St. Louis will sometimes travel here and make the claim that people in this town are behind the times. Artistically speaking, this couldn’t be any further from the truth, and bands like Thantatos Eternal are a great example of just how innovative our local musicians can be. This three-piece brings an overwhelming amount of creativity to the stage, mixing heavy guitar and keyboards to create a sound they can truly call their own. Elements of pop, metal, and industrial music can be heard in the mix, and lead singer Brian Long has no problem putting his guitar down to give the audience a taste of his violin. The melodies are strong, the rhythms are hard-hitting, and the keyboards are consistently memorable. As if that wasn’t enough, Long’s comments to the audience, often on religion and politics, tend to become a topic of discussion for audience members after the show.

Rusted Shine |
Rusted Shine is a local guitar rock band that has improved consistently over the last couple years. The group’s recent CD release party at Mississippi Nights was a huge success and serves as a great example of the type of first-rate shows one can expect from them. Lead singer John Shanahan takes center stage with a relaxed approach. He often speaks between songs, addressing large audiences as if they were friends of his, watching him perform in his own backyard. As far as the music goes, the musicians are hardly rusty. The guitar sound is super solid—often a wall of distortion with heavy guitar chords—and Shanahan’s vocals sound perfect in the mix. Despite the high volume, great melodies can still be heard; Rusted Shine has even been known to do acoustic shows from time to time. This is certainly a band to watch out for.

Ghost in Light | Ghost in Light is a great band to go see for anyone who enjoys the lighter side of indie rock. This four-piece performs seated, but the sensational guitar melodies are more than enough to hold a person’s attention. The smooth guitar sounds are complex and catchy, played in a way that is nearly flawless. Lead singer/guitarist Jason House sings impressively well; his unique vocal style is truly haunting. It’s certainly a nice change from the countless artists who sing into the microphone like they’re impersonating Bob Dylan. You don’t get a mosh pit or a theatrical show from a band like this, you get a listening experience—and the experience is well worth the trip to a club.

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