Three To See

Here are just three of the great original St. Louis bands that play around town on a regular basis. Check these three out as soon as you get a chance.

One Lone Car—It’s always nice when a local band has the kind of sound that really takes you somewhere. The first time I saw this band perform, I was drawn into their set after just one song. Lead singer Dei who is able to play great tunes on both the piano and guitar. Dei does well taking center stage and keeping the audience’s attention. The songs are fairly melodic, and the melodies are irresistibly catchy. The band’s cover of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” offers a great guitar part you won’t hear on the original.

Murder Happens—Shame Club’s Jon Lumley said he couldn’t think of any other local bands right now that sound like Murder Happens. After seeing them perform live, I have to agree with him. Murder Happens is a band with a sound that is sure to satisfy fans of both gothic and heavy metal music. Musically, the band’s super-heavy guitar sound stands out; as soon as their set begins, they’re likely to stop any frivolous chatting at the bar. The music is impossible to ignore, with brutal guitar rhythms and high-impact guitar riffs that send audience members to the dance floor. The recent addition of a female vocalist brings a melodic and distinct vocal style to the stage.

Catatonic—Catatonic still a fairly new band in our local music scene. The members hail from the small town of Cape Girardeau, but after seeing them perform, I have to say that big things are in store for the group. The band certainly qualifies as having a great modern rock sound, bringing an overwhelming amount of energy to the stage. Guitarist Jeff Prost plays through several great guitar melodies without effort, as he leaves the stage frequently to join the crowd. In addition to the energy, the songs hold up well. Singer Aaron Walker has a natural stage presence, but also noticeable is how well he sings. His vocals are perfectly suited for the high-energy guitar sound; if they’re well recorded, Catatonic should have no trouble getting radio airplay.

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