Three To See

The St. Louis music scene has many great bands to check out; here are just a few that play around the area on a regular basis that are worth seeing.


This is one three-member St. Louis band that will hopefully be the talk of the town before long. Tok is fronted by a longhair rocker who is entertaining to watch and has great guitar-playing ability. He holds his instrument like a trigger-happy hunter holding a rifle, tearing through guitar solos and playing riffs like they’re his weapons of choice. This is truly a great rock ’n’ roll assault and one you won’t want to miss.

Photo By Husband
Photo By Husband have a well-developed guitar sound and a female vocalist with a unique voice. The vocal style is so distinct and original that the band’s music becomes addictive. It’s no wonder they have song titles like “Drugs Help a Lot” and their sets are so enjoyable to watch that it seems like they’re over in a flash.

Sons of Shame
Sons of Shame have nothing to be ashamed of. Their original sound mixes keyboards and clean guitar to create an appealing, melodic set that is great just to sit back and listen to. Anyone who appreciates good musicianship and melody will no doubt enjoy hearing Sons of Shame play.

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