Three To See

Here are just three of the great original St. Louis bands that play around town on a regular basis. Check these three out as soon as you get a chance.

Seven Star—Seven Star is a band I have seen perform on quite a few occasions over the past few years. Within the last year, this four-piece pop band has managed to turn their live show into a set that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who appreciates good local talent. Singer/guitarist Grant Essig has a natural stage presence and strong vocal ability and has no problem bringing catchy songs like “Push” and “Break on Out” to life. The band’s guitar sound is noticeably good as well, and there’s no shortage of great melodies and striking lead guitar parts in the mix. Even the slower, acoustic songs still manage to keep audience members on their feet, glued to the stage; in some cases, especially when the band treats audiences to various cover tunes, people will jump on stage and sing along with the band. Some of the passionate audience members may very well be driven by the stage antics of bassist Jaclyn Mayer, who has a tremendous amount of energy and never stops moving to take a breather. At a Seven Star show, the sky is the limit and it’s just a matter of time before they fill every venue they play to maximum capacity.

Lodis C—This is one band whose members must be taking plenty of Vitamin c, because there is no shortage of energy. Lodis C offers a truly original brand of fast-paced, modern rock that mixes guitar and keyboards in a way that is truly unique. When keyboardist Pat Jaeger brings his instrument to the stage, he cranks out notes that only add to the overall intensity of the distorted guitars rather than mellowing the sound out and the result is quite neat. Despite the somewhat aggressive sound and loud stage volume, great melodies shine through the mix; singer Mawk Skipper manages to sound great even while jumping around the stage at a frantic pace. The band’s performances are lively and memorable; such fresh and original music makes going to see a Lodis C show well worth the trip.

Shattermask—Shattermask is a great example of just how much creativity there is in our local music scene. This four-member band brings their unique brand of metal to the stage, featuring a variety of strong bass grooves and heavy guitar rhythms. Anyone afraid that there is a lack of great bass players in this town need not fear, because the group’s bassist Boogieman provides some of the best bass lines you’re likely to hear anywhere. In addition, lead singer Priest sings in his own unique vocal style, often tearing through verses at such a fast pace that his voice literally becomes a fourth instrument. Though the distinct sound is likely to drive a lot of the younger fans into the mosh pit, it’s just as much fun to sit and watch the four perform, because the group’s stage show is a sight in itself. All four members have a unique stage presence and bring their own theatrical looks to the stage in a way that captures the audience’s attention before they even break into the first song of the set.

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