Three To See

Here are just three of the great original St. Louis bands that play around town on a regular basis. Check these three out as soon as you get a chance.

Scorched Erth—Scorched Erth is a local band made up of four headbangers who have come together to play their own brand of brutal, fast-paced metal. It’s fair to say that anyone attending their shows had better bring their earplugs and be prepared for a real scorcher of a set. The band has a confident lead singer who puts on a lively show and an impressive bass player that audiences are not likely to forget. Just listening to the band’s music, though, is an experience in itself. The memorable “Rage” offers crowds a nice set of fast-paced guitar riffs and machine-gun drumbeats, but what is noticeably good about this group is just how solid everything sounds. Despite the fast tempos, the songs never fall apart and the band has no problem inspiring people to shake their fists or sacrifice their bodies in a mosh pit, which seems to be a regular feature at their gigs. Certainly, the degree in which kids male and female are receptive to the group’s set is probably the most noteworthy aspect of their show. Scorched Erth has found a way to take their loud mix of distortion and screams and turn it into a show that people can enjoy.

Miles of Wire—
The first time I saw this band perform, I was glad to hear that they were local. After all, this is the Show-Me State, so it’s nice to find a band that puts on a great show. The band has a very distinct, smoothed-out guitar sound that is becomes addictive hearing just a few songs of their set. Singer/guitarist Raphael “Ray” Maurice brings a lot of great vocal ability to the stage and his voice blends perfectly with the guitar melodies. It’s hard to leave one of their shows without having one of their haunting songs stuck in your head, and the band is visually entertaining as well. Maurice even has a tendency to change his look from one show to another, to the point that I didn’t even recognize him the second time I saw the band. Even if you live a bit outside of the St. Louis area, it would be worth it to drive a few miles into town to go hear them play.

The Cripplers—I first saw The Cripplers at the Way Out Club. It was on one of those nights where things just seemed to get started late and I was almost too tired to stay and hear their set. I have to say, though, even in my extreme state of fatigue, it would have been impossible for me to leave early once the band hit the stage, because I was hooked right away. This local band likes to refer to their music as “Midwestern rock ’n’ roll,” and it certainly is good rock ’n’ roll. Singer/guitarist Jeff “JT” King does a great job of standing centerstage and delivering the songs with ease. He has a way of drawing the audience in that makes it feel you’re at one of the band members’ homes, attending a private party. There’s plenty of great electric work with catchy hooks, and drummer Dave Devine is noticeably solid. There’s even a bit of punk rock influence thrown in the mix, which just makes things all the more interesting. It’s certainly nice to know that good Midwestern rock ’n’ roll isn’t hard to find.

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