Three To See

Here are just three of the great original St. Louis bands that play around town on a regular basis. Check these three out as soon as you get a chance.

Walk the Earth—Walk the Earth is a great name for this new local band because going to a club to hear them play is a journey well worth taking. The group is made up of two guys from Union, Missouri, who employ a distinct, low-tuned guitar sound and a heavy drumbeat to create a haunting set that draws listeners in. The fact that there are only two members in the lineup is by no means a handicap—it’s easy to forget that they don’t have a bass player or even a second guitarist. A lot of metal riffs can be heard in the mix, as well as a bit of early ’90s grunge influence, but the result is a set of songs that is sure to satisfy anyone who has an addiction to power ballads. The melodies are truly spectacular and the vocals fit in perfectly with the low guitar riffs, making the distinct sound all the more effective. This is certainly something different for the local music scene; add Walk the Earth to a list of local acts such as Gassoff and Tory Z. Starbuck who have unique and original sounds and have played some great shows in the St. Louis area.

Iron Doves—Iron Doves is a new band fronted by the former lead singer of Asia Minor, who just goes by the name Dan. This time out, he’s picked up an electric guitar and has found a great rhythm section to form a powerful rock trio. Anyone wondering if St. Louis is a town with great rock ’n’ roll in its clubs should take note of this band. Dan is a more confident performer than ever, now that he has his guitar in his hands. He plays through several great guitar riffs and chord patterns while he moves frantically around the stage, working up a sweat after just a few songs. Though there are currently no ballads in the set, the songs vary from hard-hitting hooks to complex instrumentals thrown into the mix without warning. The tunes remain interesting and have strong melodies while still giving audience members a solid beat they can “rock out” to. In addition, audience members should take note that if the band is playing a small venue, Dan is likely to go into the audience and play right in front of them. One way or another, Iron Doves is certainly able to draw audiences into their energetic shows.

The Curb and the Grip—Many of the members in this experimental indie-rock group are still in their teens. Anyone skeptical that a group this young can be really good needs to do their homework and check out The Curb and the Grip. This band offers a great mix of high-energy guitar and keyboard sounds as well as a great live show. While the music is a bit like fast-paced and super-loud new wave, the performance style of singer Frunze Alai matches the energy of any hardcore band. He makes full use of the venues, often running around the bar area in the middle of the set. Alai uses his microphone stand as a prop while guitarist Cracker McBiscuit dishes out great guitar hooks and bassist Pervona Dice keeps everything sounding solid. Although the music moves at a frantic pace, the melodies are still there, the songs are catchy, and the band is a must-see for anyone who wants to hear something new and exciting.

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