Three To See

Here are just three of the great original St. Louis bands that play around town on a regular basis. Check these three out as soon as you get a chance.

Drizzit—Seeing Drizzit perform live is hardly the musical equivalent of a light drizzle outside; it’s more like a thunderstorm, and the band’s set is just as exciting and unpredictable. This four-piece metal band has an impressive, two-guitar sound that instantly catches the attention of audience members, even if they don’t like heavy metal. Both guitarist Steve Danner and singer/guitarist Tony Neri pull off impressive guitar riffs and solos without effort, and Neri takes center stage with confidence, both in singing and speaking to the audience. Even when the band plays at super-fast speeds (and at a brutally loud volume), the sound is solid and tight and the rhythm section flawless. Drizzit has come up with its own, updated version of ’80s metal; with such strong live shows, it’s hard to imagine why it is not currently signed to Metal Blade Records. If you need another reason to go see them, let it be this: these four boys know how to heckle. Directing such lines at the audience as “Go have sex with your mother” only makes the show all the more enjoyable.

Modern Red—This three-piece rock group has a smoothed-out guitar sound with haunting melodies that are hard to ignore, but it’s the band’s lyrics that are sure to catch people’s attention. Singer/guitarist Matthew Henry Obrecht takes center stage, playing through one song after another with very little chatter between the catchy tunes. Songs like “Girl A” are both amusing and clever, telling the story of someone who “finally found a girlfriend” and “went down for the first time” in explicit detail. What makes the tale so funny is that the lyrics don’t make it sound like an ideal situation for the person involved. The band members also have no problem listing their favorite alcoholic beverages on their Web site and citing sex as one of their creative inspirations. Modern Red certainly has an entertaining set of songs to play, and it’s nice having a band with clever lyrics in our local music scene.

Lapush is certainly one of the more original and unique bands playing around the St. Louis area. The group mixes keyboards with guitars to come up with a smooth, melodic sound that is a bit like an updated version of ’80s new wave, yet is a sound they can call their own. With great, melodic guitar work, neat keyboard parts, and good vocal performances, it’s hard not to be drawn into the band’s set. Even though the music is fairly mellow and the group’s stage show is laid back, songs like “Aurora” and “Through it All” are sure to catch people’s attention and leave them wanting more. Lapush offers an atmospheric sound that is an alternative to a lot of the guitar rock and pop bands in the area; it’s well worth checking them out and giving them a listen.

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