Three To See

Here are just three of the great original St. Louis bands that play around town on a regular basis. Check these three out as soon as you get a chance.

Nothing Still—
Nothing Still is a band with something to offer people who enjoy great live shows. This group of creative locals has come up with its own unique sound, drawing from new wave and glam rock influences, and has a high-energy stage show to go with it. Singer/guitarist Emilo makes full use of the stage and never stands still. He seems to be able to win over the crowd’s attention the minute he jumps on stage and the band’s unusual, atmospheric guitar sound is literally addictive. The band’s guitar sounds create a mood much like the moment before a serious summertime rainstorm. The sound is somewhat somber and dark, but it’s exciting nonetheless. Though the members don’t say much to the audience during the show, curious fans can have fun reading the band’s online journal.

The Hail Marys—This local punk band has a charismatic female singer, a strong guitar sound, and exceptionally catchy lyrics. This band has only been playing gigs around town for about a year, but they have already managed to come up with songs that are so memorable, audience members are able to have fun singing along to the groups’ catchy hooks. Songs such as “Magnolia” and “My City” leave such a strong impression that it’s hard to forget about them, even after only hearing the tunes once. There is no shortage of energy in the band’s live show, as they manage to keep people on their feet throughout the whole set. Their electric guitar sound has the feel of late ’70s punk bands and has caught the attention of Dead Celebrities guitarist Elvis Kennedy, who has taken the time to record the group. No doubt, the Hail Marys are an exciting new addition to the St. Louis music scene.

Reigning Heir—Reigning Heir is a band made up of four St. Louis natives who seem to receive warm responses from audiences who like to “rock out.” Paul, the band’s lead guitarist, creates a heavy wall of distortion onstage, which is literally a rush of electric guitar power. Though, the heavy distortion is always present, he manages to slip all sorts of guitar riffs and burning leads into the mix, on top of which singer Nicole’s vocals are smooth and melodic. Nicole keeps all eyes on her, moving around the stage and, at times, using the microphone as a prop. Reigning Heir may be a bit too high-volume for some, but for people who demand good St. Louis rock ’n’ roll with relentless electric guitars, seeing this band is a good way to get your fill.

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