Three To See

Here are just three of the great original St. Louis bands that play around town on a regular basis. Check these three out as soon as you get a chance.

The Whole Sick Crew: This band is different than a lot of groups currently playingoin the local music scene. For one thing, this crew brings a variety of string instruments to the stage—such as banjos, mandolins, violins, and guitars—while still managing to create a sound which rock audiences can enjoy. Singer/guitarist Brien Seyle brings a lot of energy the minute he hits the stage and seems to have a natural ability to win over audiences. His roughed-up vocal style mixes perfectly with the band’s melodies and it’s almost impossible not to be drawn into their set after just a few songs. Seyle isn’t afraid to take a break from lead vocals on a few of the numbers to allow violinist Beth Dill to sing, which makes the show all the more enjoyable; and Dill is such a great violinist, it’s worth the price of admission just to hear her play. Everyone in the Hi-Pointe seemed to enjoy this band the night they played there this month. This is certainly one crew that should not quit their night jobs.

Head-on Collision:
This is one group whose sound truly lives up to their name. The band is made up of Gary Copeland, who sings lead vocals, and former members of Very Metal and the result is a brutal metal assault that hits audiences head-on with power guitar riffs and a slamming drum sound. All the guitar parts are well played and the band gets as much mileage out of guitar, bass, and drums as they possibly can. Singer Gary Copeland, also of Lo-Freq, sings in an even more out-of-control style than he has in past bands. The result sounds a bit like an angry verbal assault from someone who is prepared to destroy everything in his path. Copeland is an exciting performer to watch, as he paces around the stage using his microphone stand as a prop. This band’s performance is certainly not for the weak of heart, but the sound is original, the show is exciting, and fans of heavy music should be quite pleased to know there is a band like this in our local music scene.

Bi-Level: Bi-Level is an impressive three-piece rock band that has such a solid and tight sound on stage, it is almost overwhelming. Many bands that come through the St. Louis area backed with a record deal and a tour manager are not even in the same league as these guys. Guitarist Bob Nelson has a super-smooth rhythm guitar sound as he plays through solid chord patterns; just when the audience seems to want it bad enough, he breaks into unpredictable guitar melodies. Singer/bassist Adam Barr has a natural stage presence and keeps the show entertaining. He puts everything he has into the show and comes across as someone who truly enjoys performing; as a result, the audience seems to enjoy the set, as well. The band had no trouble making full use of the big stage when they played the Pageant last month; hopefully, there will be many more big shows to come.

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