Three To See

Here are just three of the great original St. Louis bands that play around town on a regular basis. Check these three out as soon as you get a chance.

Threesixtysmile—A 360 may be a fun trick to do on a skateboard, but this local band clearly has a few tricks it can truly call its own. I saw this band perform at Mississippi Nights last month, and I had a smile on my face when I heard they were from St. Louis, because this power-pop four-piece is far better than so many bands in the genre who are on major record labels. Threesixtysmile has a set of songs which go from one catchy tune to another, inspiring young audience members to sing along with the words and take part in a mosh pit which moves to the driving sounds of the group. Singer/guitarist Josh, who just goes by his first name, takes center stage with such ease, it’s as if he had just walked into his own house. While his stage presence is undeniable, the band’s energy and impressive guitar riffs make it impossible not to enjoy the show. On a side note, the group used to play under the name Mindrive but recently changed it when they had a slight member change.

Killjoy4fun—Aside from a great band name and being fun to watch, this three-piece rock band easily serves as a sound of joy for anyone who needs a larger-than-life rock sound in order for their week to be complete. Killjoy4fun brings high volume, energy, and sweat to the stage and plays as if they’re ready to destroy anything in their path. The band members’ instruments are a bit like weapons as they blast through heavy rhythms and brutal guitar riffs. The only chance the audience has at taking a breather is when the group has to stop and tune their instruments, which apparently take a fair amount of physical abuse. Even when the band plays a power ballad, it’s as if the audience is on edge, waiting for the heavy sounds to kick back in. Killjoy4fun is a great band to have in our local music scene, and it shows that there certainly is great rock music in St. Louis.

Galaxy Rock Meets William—
This unique, underground dance band is a highly underrated group that deserves to be heard by anyone who enjoys getting on his feet and dancing to innovative keyboard and bass sounds. This talented group features a man named Keith on vocals and a woman named Morgan on bass who put everything they have into their vocal performances. The highlights come when the two perform duets over the high-energy rhythms that are impossible to experience sitting down. There is no shortage of originality here, and while Keith is a bit better when he sings than when he raps, the melodies and lack of predictability in the songs make this band a must-see.

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