Three To See

Here are just three of the great original St. Louis bands that play around town on a regular basis. Check these three out as soon as you get a chance.

Book of Lies—Despite having a young and talented singer named Brigitte Sheridan fronting the band, the other members of this local hard rock band appear to be fairly old as far as rock musicians go. The night I saw this band play, I was prepared to hear something that sounded like James Taylor. I soon had to eat my words after the group kicked into their set because this band provides one hell of a rock show for their audience. Guitarist Glenn Kemp is a long-haired rocker who makes his guitar roar like a motorcycle engine at times and plays through so many well-played heavy guitar riffs and chord progressions, it’s impossible to become bored. At certain parts of the set, the group even sounds a bit like Iron Maiden, and with Sheridan’s great voice, the band a has a distinct sound. To top it off, the night I saw this band play, they made the two young bands that played after them seem lifeless, dull, wimpy, and irrelevant. You just have to see this band to believe it.

Ocean Six—I almost feel like I have to apologize for not writing about this band sooner because Ocean Six have been playing great shows at places like Mississippi Nights and the Pageant for quite some time now and are well worth checking out. While the band isn’t afraid to turn their amps up and play loud, guitar-based rock sets, singer/guitarist Devon Allman is so personable with the audience and has such a light-hearted approach to his performance, it’s hard to want to leave the venue during their set. Their song “Beauty and Danger” is so catchy and appealing, that song alone is worth going to one of their shows. In addition to their originals, the band usually ends the set with a cover tune, which can include songs by Billy Idol or the Cure. At the very least, even if you don’t care to buy their CD by the end of the set, Allman has at least come across as a fun entertainer.

Sofachrome—Sofachrome is a brutally heavy band that will hardly inspire someone to lie down on the couch to take a nap. One of the main reasons this band’s live set is so exciting isn’t because they are so heavy, but because the songs are so well played. The double kick drum effect alone is truly devastating and is sure to be felt in a way that will increase an audience member’s heart rate. The guitar riffs are well-chosen weapons that add to the whole effect and there is no shortage of energy in the band’s lead singer. The only breather the audience gets is when the members decide to share jokes about drugs and pornography with the audience. But the band is so tight musically, they clearly spend time in their rehearsals making sure everything sounds perfect. The group is a must-see in our local music scene.

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