Three to See | 07.06

Holding Cell | You know you’re sold on a band when you keep thinking about their performance days after the show. This was certainly the case when I saw Holding Cell perform at the Hi-Pointe last month. Holding Cell is a band made up of four proud headbangers from Cuba, Mo., who live by the philosophy that metal music is, in fact, “brain food.” Heavy music fans will certainly be pleased by Holding Cell’s hard-hitting rhythms and lightning-speed guitar solos. Lead singer/guitarist Edward Bowen is a unique performer who ranges from being subdued, to shaking his fist along with the audience, to running into the crowd. His low, smoothed-out vocal style is distinct and a bit different from what you might expect. The overall result is quite satisfying.

Jonathan Cour | This 21-year-old singer/guitarist/songwriter brings a great batch of melodic, sophisticated pop songs to the stage, with a live show that is equally as rewarding. His band consists of Grant Essig (Sevenstar: guitar, keyboards, vocals), Matt Hickenbotham (Colony: drums, vocals), Mike Steimel (Just Add Water: bass, vocals), and Dave AlanS (Lord Baltimore: lead guitar, vocals). With a lineup like this one, it’s hard to go wrong and these musicians sound great playing together. There is no shortage of great guitar parts and a solid rhythm section; simply put, the band tears it up on stage. Cour has a strong singing voice, one that is literally haunting at times, which it makes the show all the more interesting and memorable.

Kronus | Kronus is a young metal band from Cuba, Mo., that likes to give people a lot for their money. Of the five members in the band, four are singers. Instead of just one or two guitar players, they have three. If you go to see this band play, you’ll feel like it’s time well spent. The vocals arrangements are quite impressive, with neat mixes of scream vocals and melodic singing often combined in the same song. The members trade off on lead vocal parts and sound great over all the fancy guitar work and the strong rhythm section. All five bring as much energy to the stage as possible, making the show a real treat.

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