Three to See | 04.06

Hipsterphonic, Tonight at Seven, and Erin Bode.


Here are just three of the great original St.Louis bands that play around town on a regular basis. Check them out as soon as you can.


Hipsterphonic | Hipsterphonic is a truly unique local band that has a sound they can truly call their own. This four-member group succeeds in bringing a guitar rock sound to the stage that manages to incorporate influences of reggae and hip-hop. The overall result is quite good; if ever there was a local rock band that could inspire people to dance, this is it. Guitarist Stu Aldridge gets so many neat sounds out of his instrument that it’s easy to forget that the members only use guitar, bass, and drums for their sound. Aldridge comes up with guitar riffs that are truly perfect for the versatile sound and it is always fun to watch him play through all the different effects pedals. The band’s rhythm section is tight, as well; L.A. has so much energy onstage, it’s easy to feel out of breath just watching him. WEB

Tonight at Seven | It’s unlikely this band will hit the stage by 7 p.m., but their set is well worth waiting for. Tonight at Seven is a young four-piece that hails from Belleville, Ill., and plays throughout the St. Louis area. All those gigs certainly paid off, as recent shows have been quite good. All four members give a solid performance onstage, and their two-guitar indie rock sound is more appealing than ever. There’s no shortage of great guitar melodies and memorable pop-hooks. Singer/guitarist Chris sounds great in the mix, with a strong stage presence, to boot. Also captivating is bassist Devon, who never has a shortage of energy. The band’s lively show will undoubtedly bring people up from their seats. WEB

Erin Bode | Some local bands provide an experience in which earplugs are required, mosh pits are the norm, and getting elbowed in the face is a true possibility. Those shows are certainly fun, but there is other stuff out there, as well. Erin Bode provides a different type of concert-going experience to that of the clubs. Though Bode certainly qualifies as a jazz singer, she has many pop hooks in her original songs and isn’t afraid to cover classics by Paul Simon or the Beatles. Her band certainly does a good job of playing acoustic guitar parts and nice piano pieces, but what really stands out is Bode’s unique voice. She manages to sing strongly over all the light tunes, avoiding sounding generic. Her original songs are quite appealing and never dull, regardless of how mellow they are. This artist is a definite treat for anyone who enjoys the lighter side of popular music and wants to hear it done well.WEB

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