Three To See | 02.06

Geoff Koch, Eero and Kevin Barry


Geoff Koch | More often than not, when solo artists hit the stage with just their acoustic guitars, they become background music, but Geoff Koch manages to avoid this fate. Part of this is due to his strong stage presence and the confidence he has when addressing his audience; mostly, though, it’s because his songs are so good. The appealing guitar melodies alone make for a satisfying listen, and there’s no shortage of strong vocal parts, interesting lyrics, and memorable hooks.

Eero | Eero is a great melodic duo featuring singer/songwriter Derek Bayer, who not only takes center stage and sings, but plays guitar and keyboards, as well. With the solid drumming of Bill Wheeler, this duo has come up with a satisfying, original sound that they can truly call their own. It’s hard not to enjoy the unique mix of fresh guitar chords and preprogrammed electronic parts that blend together perfectly on stage. Though the songs tend to be on the smooth and mellow side, there is never a dull moment. Bayer sings with confidence; his voice always sounds good, and he delivers vocal melodies that are just as smooth as his guitar parts. Currently the band is working on bringing a third member into the mix to add more guitar parts; their debut CD Completely Over the Moment is due in March.

Kevin Barry | Kevin Barry is one artist who belongs on the list of great singer/songwriters in St. Louis. He has fronted several local bands and performed as a solo artist for several years now, and he has always managed to come up with truly original and innovative songs that deserve to be heard. His solo acoustic shows feature complex guitar parts and solid melodies as opposed to the same three-chord patterns you’ve likely heard before. Unlike a lot of solo performers, Barry literally plays the hell out of his instrument. In addition, he delivers strong vocal performances as well as smart batches of lyrics that can satisfy listeners wanting something beyond a simple, catchy tune. Barry’s prolific enough that you’ll likely hear something you haven’t before. Currently, his band the Lab is going through some member changes, but longtime bassist and friend Jeff Church is staying on with the new lineup.



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