Three To See | 01.06

Field of Grey, Camp Climax for Girls and The Domani International 
Here are just three great, original St. Louis bands that play around town on a regular basis. Check them out as soon as you can.

Field of Grey |
St. Louis has a wide variety of musical acts throughout the city but there are certainly many concertgoers who demand to see a good solid rock band. Field of Grey is a band that is sure to please this type of live music fan whose field of interest demands the use of the electric guitar. Throughout 2005, this four-piece has continued to get better and better, and their two-guitar sound couldn’t be any more solid. There’s no shortage of great guitar riffs and solid drumbeats in the band’s entertaining stage show. Bassist Robert Lloyd (who has played in several local bands) is always lively during performances, while lead singer/guitarist Blackie Starks has a strong stage presence and keeps between-song talking to a minimum. When he does address the audience, people seem eager to hear what he will say, having already been drawn in to the performance.

Camp Climax for Girls | A lot of great bands seem to be coming out of Alton, Ill., of late, and Camp Climax for Girls is one of them. This four-piece band is a great treat for anyone who is interested in underground rock with a strong, original sound. This is one band that uses their two guitars, bass, and drums as weapons. The sound is hard-hitting and loud with plenty of opportunity to feel a rush off the band’s buzzing amps and brutal guitars. The tortured, scream-like vocal sound fits perfectly over the group’s massive wall of distorted guitar, and there is no shortage of energy in their stage show. What ultimately makes Camp Climax for Girls so great, though, is the fact that they don’t just try to copy everything on the radio. This band is certainly worth the trip.

The Domani International | The Domani International’s sound is so appealing, it’s a pleasure to sit and listen to them play. The band brings a smooth guitar mix and strong melodies to the stage and could easily satisfy a wide range of listeners. The sound is atmospheric and addictive, and certainly shows influences of early ’80s goth/new wave bands. The bottom line, though, is that the songs are great, and singer/guitarist Josh Brett gives a strong vocal performance. Though he has a laid-back style, Brett still manages to keep the audience’s attention. In addition, the hard-hitting drumbeats add a lot to the energy of the live show, making the set all the more interesting and unpredictable.

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