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state_sing.jpgThinking and believing you can sing is actually the most important first step toward your singing career.







So you think you can sing? You are on the right path! Thinking and believing you can sing is actually the most important first step toward your singing career. Positive thinking and believing in yourself can and will lead you where you want to be. When you believe in yourself, others will believe in you also.

If a career in music is the path you want to take, it is always advisable to take professional voice instruction to learn the nuances of professional singing, such as breathing technique and other valuable lessons vocal coaches can provide.

In the spirit of putting our minds and hearts behind our dreams, I implore all of you reading this article, whether you aspire to sing or whatever your aspirations, to take the positive stance in everything you do. Keep your glass half full at all times and always, always believe in yourself and move forward toward that next goal. Let’s face it: There are very few singers who are an overnight success. As we’ve all heard, anything worth having is rarely easy. There are stepping stones along all paths in our lives that we must take in order to get where we are today as well as where we want to be.

We all have negative influences in our lives, situations and people. We all experience times when things do not go our way. You mustn’t allow those times to hold you down. Actually, some of those hard times allow us to learn lessons and get in touch with those feelings, to grow as a person. It is wise for you to utilize those feelings in the inflection of your singing. You will always be presented with a challenge to learn a lesson; it is up to you whether or not you accept the challenge and grow.

There will always be someone who will be jealous or envious of your talent, they will make fun and discourage, and try to dissuade you from your dreams. Some people are just being cautious and want you to take a traditional "safe" route (they just don’t get that that’s your dream!). Some are just mean spirited and want you to believe that you don’t have talent, because they don’t have talent and they feel better about themselves by stepping on you to raise themselves higher. It is important to identify these negative influences early and remove them from your life, or at least learn to control them. Do not allow anyone, regardless of who they are to undermine your belief in yourself and your talent. Of course, there are others that are just as talented and it is your duty as a talent holder yourself to encourage others, protect yourself and do not allow the green-eyed monster to invade your thinking.

A motivational management teacher I had once had encouraged me to keep a journal of my goals and accomplishments. My advice to you is to do the same, whether your goals are geared toward singing or something equally dream worthy that you aspire to do in your life. Write your goals in your journal and revisit them often to remind yourself of your present and future goals. As you accomplish your goals, even the small ones, check them off as you achieve that goal. Review your accomplishments often and acknowledge to yourself all of the things you set out to do that you have completed. Keep your journals of accomplishments to remind yourself of the successes you have made month after month; year after year. When you write down your goals, it reminds you often what is important to you and those goals become embedded into your every action. When you review your accomplishments, you maintain your confidence and perseverance toward your future goals and dreams. Practicing positive thinking will permeate into other areas of your life. A positive attitude will help keep you healthy and allow you to dwell on happiness instead of sadness and, most importantly, success instead of failure. | Marsha Buehler


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