Once Upon a Time

state_lady_sm.jpgI will continue to dream that my prince will come and a slipper will one day fit perfectly on my foot.







Remember when movies were simple? And, as a child, you were perfectly fine with sitting down and watching one of those Disney classics on VHS? I remember those times, and lately have gotten back into that kind of simple movie nights.

I remember we had every Disney movie imaginable. From Alice in Wonderland to Snow White to The Lion King. And being an only child, I always got my first pick at which one I wanted to watch. I loved popping in one of those classics—although at the time they were the only movies I knew—and watching it from start to finish.

Once upon a time and happily ever after became staple phrases in my playtime adventures. I would get out my dolls and have a knight in shining armor ride up on a white horse to save the princess from her evil stepmother.

The lessons, no matter how hard to find, were always that kind of positive.

Such as knowing your long lost love would always find you and that, no matter what, you could be whatever you wanted when you grew up. And my favorite: that if you wish upon a star, any dream could come true.

Now, as I have gotten older, I still enjoy watching my favorite Disney movies. The lessons are still tucked in between shared spaghetti noodles and spinning wheels in far-away towers. However, I have learned to appreciate them more, and in a different sense.

As this time in my life, when I am entering into my last year of college and beginning to wonder where my life will take me over the next few years, I look back on my Disney movie nights. I remember when times were much more simple, and when watching seven dwarves dance around with a princess could put me asleep. Whatever happened to these simple times?

Now movies are full of technology, even cartoons ones. I wish that Disney would come out with one of their classics again, so people could relive this simple part of their lives. Sure, movies of today, including cartoons, are good, and there have been some amazing Disney/Pixar storylines, but the simple, once-upon-a-time Disney movies seem to be long gone. Their simple nature and easy-to-follow plots full of heroes and heroines are now kept in a vault, only let out every once in awhile.

Until the Disney vault is locked forever, I will continue to watch these classic tales of hope and love and will relive my childhood. I will continue to dream that my prince will come and a slipper will one day fit perfectly on my foot. And, of course, know that once upon a time only means that happily ever after isn’t too far behind. | Ashley Mouldon

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