Musical Screwdrivers

state_screwdriver.jpgMusic is a very powerful tool. Like a hammer, the lyrics can get pounded into your head.




Music is a very powerful tool. Like a hammer, the lyrics—especially those of the most annoying songs—can get pounded into your head. Like a screwdriver, a song can make your emotions go up and down…over and over again. Like a saw, you can get pulled back and forth, not ever sure how you feel about a particular hook. Whatever the case, music is one of the jewels of the toolbox of entertainment.

Let’s go back to the screwdriver reference. A screwdriver, whether it’s a Phillips or a standard, does the same thing: makes a screw go up or down. Songs, whether a love ballad or a screaming melody, make your emotions go up or down.

Don’t get me wrong; this amusement-park-ride feeling I get can be exciting. The emotional pull these musical screwdrivers have on me is amazing. As I have gotten older, I listen to songs much more intently. I listen between the lines and, whenever I feel my emotions starting to go up or down, I start to pay closer attention. I try to figure out what the artist is saying and why I am having this emotional up-and-down ride with the lyrics.

Right now, Colbie Caillat’s "Realize" gets turned off right away whenever I hear it. This song, as of late, is the king of all musical screwdrivers. It makes my head spin just thinking about the guys I can associate with it. The emotions that get brought up when I hear "If you just realize what I just realized/ then we would be perfectly together" is way too much for me. I have to put that tool right back in the box.

J. Holiday’s "Come Here" is another. This song, with its fast-paced hook of "Come here, come here/ I want you closer and closer," reminds me of a birthday party I was at. I went with a good friend of mine, who after a few drinks got a little frisky on the dance floor. I remember him saying "come here, come here" to me, wanting me to dance. Holiday’s rendition reminds me of that night, then all the emotions I felt for that close friend of mine get brought up. But it’s OK; I like remembering them.

"I sincerely miss those heavy metal bands/ I used to go see on the Landing in the summer." Wilco’s "Heavy Metal Drummer." I just found this song, but it has turned into a musical screwdriver. It brings up emotions of a past boyfriend who I use to go see a lot of concerts with. I enjoy listening to the song, though, because even though old emotions are brought up, the line, "She fell in love with another, another and another" reminds me there are so many more guys. And many more concerts to see.

A few other songs I have deemed musical screwdrivers include Bon Jovi’s "Let’s Make a Memory," Bill Medley’s "I’ve Had the Time of My Life," and Aiden’s "Moment."

I think everyone has musical screwdrivers in his or hers entertainment toolbox. Without these sometimes pestering remembrances of emotions, some songs wouldn’t be the same. So I say embrace the musical screwdrivers you have. If a song makes your emotions go up and down, enjoy the ride because no telling when another screwdriver will come along. | Ashley Mouldon

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