Kevin Barry

PlaybackSTL caught up with Kevin Barry, singer/songwriter for the band Kevin Michaels, for this quick interview.

1. When was Kevin Michaels formed?

KB: I honestly can’t remember how long we’ve been jamming together. Bryan Hoskins of Tripstar told me about this bass player, Michael Gregory, and he was friends with Mike Flynn, so we all started playing together, I guess maybe six or seven months ago. We just added a drummer a few weeks ago.

2. Give me the band lineup.

KB: Kevin Barry—songwriting, singing, guitar; Michael Gregory—bass; Mike Flynn—guitar; Marko Oyarzabal—drums (he also plays with Ocean Six).

3. How do you approach songwriting?

KB: I do all the songwriting. I’ll finish all the songs, lyrics and everything, and then I’ll take it to the guys; they’ll add some new arrangements to it; they have all the creative input they want. Something I’ve always wanted to do is write the songs, but the rest of the band has input as well.

4. What are you focusing on right now?

KB: Our energies right now are on recording; in fact, we’re going to start recording tonight or tomorrow. We’ll put out a four-song EP; I don’t know if it will go to the public, but it will be for radio stations and clubs.

We’re focusing on giving the best live show possible. Anyone can sound great in the studio, but we want to emphasize the live show; that’s where you can really gain fans and amaze people. I just love the live experience that we put on and I hope it comes across to our fans. I guess we want to provide a bit of mystery and see what people come up with.

We’re planning on sending a disc to the Atlantis Music Conference, which is the end of July, so we might be headed to Atlanta. Plus, we love Memphis and Chicago and Kansas City and would love to go out and play there. We’re just ready to take off. I’ve never been so excited about something musically.

5. Where can people see you next?

KB: Our next scheduled show is actually the night of my graduation from Saint Louis University (with a degree in communications): May 18 at Kennealy’s Pub. It will be interesting because my whole family will be in town. My parents are very against the whole music thing, so it will be interesting to see what they think of it.

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