Jeff Jarrett

You wear a number of hats in the music community.
Tell us what they are.
I manage Nadine. I’m the booking agent for Chris Lee (Misra Records), Summer Hymns (who are part of the Elephant 6 collective), Chris Mills, and Will Kimbrough. I also help a few local bands when I have time, like the Rockhouse Ramblers and my friends in Magnolia Summer. And I’m the road manager for Jesse Harris and the Ferdinandos.

How did you get into all of this stuff?
I interned for Bob Andrews and Meggean Ward at Undertow in Chicago. And I made good contacts while I was there. When I moved back to St. Louis to finish school, I ran into Adam [Reichmann] from Nadine a few times. Before I knew it, I was managing my favorite band on the planet. Everything spawned from there.

How did Nadine’s deal with Trampoline Records come about?
I sent an unsolicited copy to Trampoline, which is run by Pete Yorn, Marc Dauer (Jukebox Junkies), and Rami Jaffee (the Wallflowers), because I liked what they were all about. They had a good roster (Minus 5, Pete Droge, Minibar) and could provide the nationwide exposure that Nadine have been lacking for the past six years. Marc and Rami told me that they listened to hundreds of submissions and that Strange Seasons blew all three of them away. I flew to L.A. with Jimmy [Griffin] for the Tramp show at the House of Blues, met everybody, and got a really good feeling about the whole thing. Now the record is the maiden release on Trampoline and comes out September 2. I really couldn’t ask for more. Everybody involved is great.

We heard that Nadine is starting a record label, too.
Yeah, Adam and Steve [Rauner] from Nadine are soon to be the owners of a record label. We haven’t secured the rights to a name for it yet, but I’d expect for everything to come to fruition toward the end of the summer. Our only vision right now is to re-release the back catalog. We can’t accept the responsibility of putting our records by other artists. Hopefully, things will go well enough so that someday that’s a possibility.

Some people think the lack of a local record label has been holding the St. Louis rock music scene back. Do you see yourselves as answering this call in any way?
Like I said, the label is strictly for the Nadine back catalog at the moment. And I like the state of St. Louis music. We’ve got great bands putting out records, like Nadine, Jay Farrar, and the Bottle Rockets, and we’ve got a history of amazing artists like Chuck Berry and Uncle Tupelo. Criticizing the St. Louis music scene and talking about what’s wrong with it would be counter-productive. I’m just going to keep on fighting the good fight by turning people onto great music. I was just at Jay Farrar’s two awesome gigs at the Bowery Ballroom, and Pete [Yorn] was just on MTV News talking about Nadine. I’ve got a feeling that St. Louis will be just fine.

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