About Rude Chapbooks

About “Rude Chapbooks”

Designed to fill a woeful shortfall of comic book–related opinion on the Internet, “Rude Chapbooks” comes from longtime comics aficionado Bryan A. Hollerbach. Each Monday, the column comprises informal capsule reviews of five comic books professionally produced (or putatively professionally produced) and distributed the preceding Wednesday to comics shops and congruent venues nationwide.
It bears repeating that “Rude Chapbooks,” a title filched from a comment by The ACME Novelty Library’s Chris Ware, focuses solely on comic books qua comic books across the spectrum—not compilations thereof or (except in periodic extras) graphic novels or similar publications. The column does so, moreover, with a blithe disregard for so many other commentators’ embrace of the lowest common denominator, as well as sporadic and unabashed prolixity and spleen. Fanboys seeking pseudo-critical strokage about the latest “event,” crossoverture, or TV/movie adaptation, in short, should likely look elsewhere—immediately.
About Bryan A. Hollerbach
Bryan A. Hollerbach, the agent provocateur behind “Rude Chapbooks,” has been reading comic books (among many other things) since the mid-1960s. As a professional writer, he made his first sales while attending Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau: book reviews to the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, a now-defunct daily newspaper, and poetry to the digest then titled Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine. As a professional editor, since earning a B.A. in English from SEMO, he’s served variously, most recently as co-editor of a series of anthologies from Ink and Drink Comics and perhaps most notably as managing editor, for three years, of St. Louis, a general-readership, newsstand-distribution monthly with an audited circulation of 50,000.
First-time “Rude Chapbooks” readers concluding that Hollerbach has an almost unspeakably bad attitude deserve congratulations for their perspicacity.

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