Soy Un Caballo

soy_un_caballo-les_heures_de_raison.png.jpgTake a Belgian couple who write and perform songs of exquisite fragility, record them in Brussels with an amazing line up of musicians such as Bonnie Prince Billy (Will Oldham), and producer Sean O’Hagan (The High Llamas), and you have the duo Soy Un Caballo (Spanish for “I Am a Horse”).





Aurelie Muller and Thomas Van Cottom now release their Soy Un Caballo debut album in North America, titled “Les Hueres De Raison”. The band has performed throughout Belgium, France, and Spain and look forward to arriving in the United States soon. You may have already caught a glimpse of Soy Un Caballo when they starred in Blogotheque’s Take Away Show or maybe you heard Aurelie’s collaboration with Bright Eye’s Conor Oberst.

The Minty Fresh release features a bonus track not available on the import.

Early love for Soy Un Caballo:
PITCHFORK: Call it global village music: on "La Chambre", Belgian boy/girl duo Soy un Caballo (Spanish translation: "I’m a horse") and Louisville’s Will Oldham sing…Oldham and Aurélie Muller sound weightless and content.

WIRE: Smooth harmonies and a smoother pop sensibility…as sophisticated as a Parisian boulevard as diffident as exhaled Gauloise smoke, as cool as Jean-Paul Satre and as romantic as the Left Bank.

TIMBRE OBSCURA REVIEW: I find it hard to describe just how much I like this band and their album (Les Heures De Raison) is an absolute triumph. Probably the most refreshing, enlightening and engaging collection of music I¹ve heard for some time.

NEW NOISE: Neither Spanish nor French, this international mélange sees Belgian girl/boy duo Aurelie Muller and Thomas Van Cottom, combine forces with Louisville’s Will Oldham with breathtaking results. Delicate and frail, Soy Un Caballo’s (“I am a horse” in Spanish) music is calm and uplifting.

Here is the link to the album, “Les Hueres De Raison” so that you can start listening now!
To download the mp3 “Robin”, please click here
Here are some Soy Un Caballo mini-movies that I think you’d really enjoy. Feel free to pass the links along!
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