RIP Henderson

news_henny.jpgWe miss you, little white man with blue eyes and a heart of gold.







This, truly, is one of those times we wish we could play, stop and rewind. As it is, we’ll have to settle for reliving—which, well, it just isn’t the same.

We are sad to announce the loss of a very special member of the PLAYBACK:stl family, Henderson Lucas. A frequent visitor at staff meetings, Henderson was the ferret even non-ferret people loved. Always ready with a kiss and a sparkle in his blue eyes, he just made you feel good.

What we learned from Henderson in his brief time with us:

  • Life is short, so play hard.
  • Why walk when you can bounce?
  • Eat what you love (more snacks, please!).
  • Wrestling with your sister on a bed of styrofoam is the best.
  • Really, there’s no bad time or place to romp.
  • Anything worth doing is worth doing wholeheartedly.

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