Radiohead Offers Fan Remix

radiohead-in_rainbows_front.jpgTo coincide with asking radio stations to think about playing Reckoner we
are breaking up the tune into pieces for you to remix. After the insane
response we got from the Nude remix stems and the site that was dedicated to
your remixes…



Unique visitors: 6,193,776, Page Views: 29,090,134, Hits: 58,340,512,
Bandwidth: 10.666 Terabytes, Number of mixes: 2,252, Number of votes:
461,090, Number of track listens: 1,745,304

…we thought it only fair to do the same with a tune that at least is in
4/4. You can get the stems (the different instruments/elements) from here

Sample, cut, take the sounds, whatever. Play it in a club. Or your room.
Then if you want you can upload your finished mixes to <> and be
judged by everyone else. You can create a widget allowing votes from your
own site, Facebook or MySpace to be sent through too. To start things off we
asked James Holden
<> and
<> to
do their versions.

Oh, and by the way, if you weren?t lucky enough to get your hands on one of
our recycled plastic bottle shirts at a show this summer, you?ll be glad to
hear we?ve made some more and they are available at the w.a.s.t.e. shop here

All at w.a.s.t.e x

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