“Dick in a Box” Composer Remixes Let’s Go Sailing

news_sailing.jpgNow one of her most popular songs, "Sideways," has received the ultimate remix treatment from Asa Taccone.







Shana Levy left L.A. indie pop faves Irving a few years back to pursue her own outfit under the moniker Let’s Go Sailing. This year has seen her taking flight with the release of her full-length debut, The Chaos in Order, with critics singing her praises, several songs being featured on Grey’s Anatomy, and lauded U.S. tours with the likes of Elvis Perkins. 

Now one of her most popular songs, "Sideways," has received the ultimate remix treatment from Asa Taccone, renowned for having composed the music to the "Natalie Portman Rap" and the Emmy-award winning, modern-day classic "Dick in a Box," both of which earned instant infamy on Saturday Night Live. Check out what critics have said about "Sideways" and listen to Asa’s take below: 

"The album’s best track is its first: "Sideways," an insistent opener that contains Levy’s catchiest melody, best lyrics, and most assured performance. That it was used in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, among the most preposterous shows on television, suggests that Levy’s true context isn’t boy’s-club indie cute, but something a little different and potentially more interesting." —Pitchfork

"…whimsical and gentle, but…also blessed with a complicating, wry world-weariness. "Sideways" is a great example of thisit’s sugary and pop-oriented, but it’s also laced through with Levy’s melancholic, somewhat chagrined vocals. In fact, it’s Levy’s skill as a singer, her ability to meld sweetness with darkness, vulnerability with cool, that sets Let’s Go Sailing apart from other indie pop outfits." —AllMusic


"Sideways" Remix audio:

Purchase the remix on iTUNES here: 

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