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news_kt-tunstall.jpgWas going green one of your New Years resolutions?  KT Tunstall has been doing her part for the past few years. 







"Really the best approach in our culture at the moment is to make being anti-green very uncool."
KT Tunstall – Los Angeles, January 2007.

Although KT Tunstall has sold in excess of 4 million copies of her debut album, ‘Eye To The Telescope’, the Grammy® nominated Scottish born singer/songwriter has from the outset been actively aware of the environmental impact of her phenomenal success. Throughout her career KT has not only vigorously attempted to reduce her energy consumption, utilize sustainable materials and fuels and offset her own carbon footprint, but has also worked to inspire others to do so. Below is a timeline of just some of KT’s environmental activities to date.

December 2004 – Prior to selling a single copy of her debut CD, Eye To The Telescope, KT partnered with London’s CarbonNeutral Company to offset through tree-planting the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the production, manufacture and distribution of the album. Owing to KT’s global success, over 6,000 trees have been planted on the singer’s behalf in Carrifran WildWood on the Scottish borders.

"I knew before I had any success that I wanted to make my album carbon neutral and use biodiesel fuel on my busses and recycled paper for all the admin. It is unacceptable not to do those things." – KT in an interview with Scotland’s Daily Record.

May 2006 – KT and Virgin Records partner with natural and organic beauty and wellness brand, Origins Natural Resources .

Origins recently announced an agreement with Community Energy to purchase clean, renewable wind energy equal to 100% of the energy used by its U.S. retail stores, manufacture of Origins products in company-owned facilities, and third parties manufacturing Organics products. Additionally, Origins is involved with the Forest Stewardship Council . Origins cartons are made from 50% Forest Stewardship Council certified paperboard and 50% post-consumer recycled fiber.  
Paperboard and carton manufactured using renewable energy resources. And all Origins new stores have sustainable materials, low-energy lighting, low emission paints, more live plants in the store for air purification, poured concrete island sink, wood veneer from managed forests and river rock.

Through their partnership, KT and Origins offer charitable support for the non-profit organization, Project Sunshine , which provides free programs and services to children and families effected by cancer, AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses.

"I’m so glad to be able to work alongside Origins; It’s inspiring to be involved with a company dedicated to well-being whilst working in complete harmony with the environment. And their stuff rocks!" – KT speaking of her relationship with Origins.

September 2006 – KT announces that she will be traveling in a biodiesel-powered bus on her U.S. fall tour.

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel that can be produced from a variety of oils including rapeseed, soybean and even waste vegetable oil. The carbon emissions generated by an engine running on biodiesel are considerably lower than those produced by an engine running on standard fossil fuels.

"It seems unacceptable to tour using non-environmentally friendly fuel when there’s an alternative available. I’m very excited about venturing into a greener touring lifestyle, and I hope sooner rather than later, it becomes the norm for all little traveling circuses like us." KT Tunstall speaking to monstersandcritics.com .

November 2006 – KT performs live and addresses the 25,000 strong crowd at the Stop Climate Chaos / I Count climate change rally in Trafalgar Square, London. The aim of the event was to pressure the British government to put into practice effective and immediate climate change legislation.

"What I think is really great about Stop Climate Chaos, is that it’s not one little organization, it’s loads of different organizations. It’s Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Women’s Institute, Surfers Against Sewage, whoever. It’s tons of different organizations that have basically come together in a pretty critical time to try and get people in the Government to do something about [climate change]." – KT speaking prior to her appearance at the rally.

January 2007 – As an ambassador for British climate change campaign, Global Cool – and in conjunction with E! Entertainment and the Environmental Media Association – KT performs live at the first-ever Golden Green Party, which was the ‘must be seen at’ aftershow party of the Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood.

January 2007 – Through her association Global Cool, KT meets with then British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to discuss the need for action on climate change. KT is joined at the Downing Street reception by fellow Global Cool ambassadors: former Jane’s Addiction front man, Perry Farrell, and Hollywood actor, Josh Hartnett.

March 2007 – KT begins work on greening her London home.

Among the eco-practices implemented in the reconstruction will be the installation of solar panels and the use of reclaimed wood, solvent-fee paint and thermafleece sheep-wool insulation. For the solar panels KT partnered with the BP Solar Neighbors program. Co-founded by actor and activist, Edward Norton, the scheme encourages celebrities to install solar panels in their homes and in return BP donates a solar energy system to a low-income family in Los Angeles.

April 2007 – KT performs live at Elle Magazine’s ‘Green Issue’ Party in Hollywood to an audience including fellow green-thinkers Sheryl Crow and Larry David. For the occasion KT wears a spectacular dress created by designer, Linda Loudermilk , whose pieces are all made from sustainable or recycled fabric.

June 2007 – Talisker Whiskey reads how fond KT is of the drink and gifts her with a guitar made from old whiskey barrels which she refers to as her "eco-guitar".

July 2007 – As a testament to her fast-growing profile in the U.S., KT is invited to perform at the New York leg of Live Earth.

The concerts, put together by former Vice President, Al Gore, and staged across eight world cities over a 24-hour period, are watched by an estimated 2 billion people across the globe. KT opens the event wearing a 1980’s style t-shirt by ethical fashion pioneer, Katherine Hamnett, emblazoned with the message, ‘Save the Future’.

"We’ve had our technological revolution, we’ve had our industrial revolution, now let us have our emotional-awareness revolution!"  – KT onstage at Live Earth .

September 2007 – KT releases her sophomore effort, Drastic Fantastic. KT worked with Virgin Records to create a standard CD booklet, which is made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste, and is processed chlorine free. For the deluxe version, paper is 100% recycled post-consumer waste and processed chlorine free, with the packaging produced from Paperfoam trays that are both paper-recyclable and biodegradable.

December 2007 – KT  performed at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, Norway along with Alicia Keys, Melissa Etheridge, Annie Lennox, Earth, Wind & Fire and others.  This years recipient is shared, in two equal parts, between the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Albert Arnold (Al) Gore Jr. for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change.

"Caring about the environment has always been a big part of my life. When you grow up in a really beautiful place and you hear that it is jeopardized you want to do something."
KT in an interview with Scotland’s Daily Record.


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