Illinois Releases Kid Catastrophe

illinois1.jpgIllinois Releases ‘The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe’ Chapter Two on 12.02.08





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Chapter 2 of Illinois’ ‘The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe’ continues the day-in-the-life occurrences of our hero. In this episode, called ‘Arch Sees an Illinois Video on TV,’ Arch indeed sees an Illinois video on TV. Only the video hits a little too close to home. An allegorical replay of relationships past, replete with all the bumps and bruises therein. Then, the real knockout blow: Will it send Arch over the edge? Stay tuned to find out…

As promised, each chapter of the short film comes with a 3-song ep. The songs this month are a bit more seething than the last batch, but the gentle, bewildered ‘Where’s My Woman’ paints a vivid portrait of a man emotionally abandoned – left to figure out for himself how to navigate the threshold between vulnerability and outright heartbreak. The track listing for the second installment is as follows:

‘The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe’ Chapter Two:
1) She’s So Blonde
2) Where’s My Woman
3) I Hate Love (iTunes Exclusive)
Film: ‘Arch Sees an Illinois Video on TV’

Physical copies of the Kid Catastrophe project will be available via custom USB flash drive for $10. Chapters 1 & 2 will be pre-loaded, with subsequent chapters available FREE at download stations set up at any of the band’s record release shows.

Speaking of which, Illinois resumes their record release residency of the East Coast on December 2nd (remaining dates below).


December 2 || Rock & Roll Hotel (Chapter 2 Release Party) || Washington, DC || TIX
December 3 || Rehab (Chapter 2 Release Party) || New York, NY || TIX
December 4 || Great Scott (Chapter 2 Release Party) || Boston, MA || TIX
December 5 || The Fire (Chapter 2 Release Party) || Philadelphia, PA || TIX

Illinois is:

Chris ‘Arch’ Archibald
guitar, keys, banjo, lead vocals

Martin Hoeger
bass, vocals

Dan Pawlovich
guitar, keys, vocals

JohnPaul Kuyper

For more info on Illinois and to get an early listen of Chapter 2, check the brand new steez:

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