Army Navy | “Saints” Come Marching In

news_army-havy.jpgA Posies-and Teenage Fanclub-style tsunami of melody and distortion.







Los Angeles indie-pop group Army Navy is proud to announce the release of its new music video for the single "Saints." Directed by Ben Cresciman, the video for "Saints" takes a swipe at the absurdities built in to the process of making a music video: bossy label execs, egomaniacal directors, on-set drama, bathroom sex and throwup … all seen through the eyes (and lens) of lead singer Justin Kennedy’s 10-year-old nephew. If you saw the band’s previous video that featured Human Giant’s Paul Scheer, you’re sure to find this quite amusing as well.

Check it out:

Army Navy released their self-titled debut album on their own label The Fever Zone in late 2008, an album that Pitchfork declared a "bubbly, effervescent valentine" and NPR described as "a Posies-and Teenage Fanclub-style tsunami of melody and distortion that underscores the youthful essence of power-pop in all its bittersweet glory." Currently, the band is prepping a July 6th 7" single and download for "Saints" on legendary Brit-pop label Fierce Panda’s Fandango Records and will be hitting Europe with a slew of dates this Fall. The band is also busy writing and recording material for their second LP due out early next year.

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