2008 Tour Scandinavia Contest

news_tour-scandi.jpgPlanetary Group & SonicBids present: The Spring 2008 Tour Scandinavia Contest.







Traversing across Sweden, Norway, and Finland, Planetary Group and Sonicbids has been spreading the word of up and coming artists for eight years with their Tour Scandinavia contest.

Exclusive to Sonicbids members, the contest is open to a wide variety of genres, from rock, pop, and reggae to world, jazz and hip-hop artists. Besides a spring tour around cities like Helsinki, Stockholm, and Copenhagen, the winners of the contest have all their expenses (airfares, hotels, meals, equipment rentals, etc.) paid by Planetary Group: everything a band could possibly want.

The Scandinavian Tour follows the successful sister contest, Tour China, held in the fall, and has had great acts such as Falcon (2007 Tour Scandinavia winner),and  Malajube (2006 Tour Scandinavia winner), both of which had great successes with these tours.
Planetary Group and Sonicbids are looking forward to offering the next opportunity for artists to perform and tour in the Scandinavia region, with the next Tour Scandinavia event, set for launch in the Spring of 2008. Don’t be intimidated; any Sonicbids member anywhere can sign up and apply to be on tour. The deadline for applications is March 14, 2008.

To apply for the Tour Scandinavia contest visit,

Tour photos are online, and available at,

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