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With the new EP Downfall, From Ashes To New lays down its metal roots, while engaging listeners with potent metal-style rap and vocals.




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This month, we look to the horizon of the metal scene. Our journey leads us to Lancaster, PA, where we find the band From Ashes To New [FATN], a new fusion of metalcore and rap. With the new EP Downfall, FATN lays down its metal roots, while engaging listeners with potent metal-style rap and vocals.

Fronted by vocalist Matt Brandyberry, the group takes a new route with the “crunching” sound they produce. Fusing a hardcore-yet-melodic sound with the looseness of rap, vocalists Brandyberry and Chris Musser sound off each other like old pros. Coming off the success of their first self-titled EP, the band will hit the St. Louis area three times promoting the release of Downfall.

The success of this group is moving rather quickly. Founded in 2013 by Brandyberry, they have toured with big-name acts like Hollywood Undead and Hoobastank, and soon to come, they will be traveling with In This Moment and Five Finger Death Punch. A quick ride for a new band, indeed. Yet, the members of FATN understand the difference in the music business today, as opposed to the old studio system. I had the chance to sit down with Brandyberry and drummer Tim D’onofrio before their show at The Firebird and asked them about touring, musical inspirations, and how the Internet has changed the music world.

“We would love to tour with Of Mice & Men,” D’onofrio said when asked of his dream tour. “We’ve been listening to them a lot. The guys from P.O.D. are amazing as well. We’ve played with the guys from Hoobastank on some of the dates. They are great. It’s been a great time.”

When speaking of the internet and its effect on music, Brandyberry says it’s a tricky situation.

“You have a closeness to the fans, where you hear them say things like ‘that song got me through a tough time,’ or ‘I started my day with this song…can’t go through my day without it.’ But they can also pick and choose what song they want by any artist, as opposed to buying the entire album.”

On stage, FATN takes control. Their dual-vocalist approach is intriguing. Their originality helps them stand above others in the metalcore/rap genre. Their sounds comes from a precision rhythm section combined with crunching guitar riffs. Vocally, with the hybrid of rap and singing, the band sounds quite good live.

It seems the only way for From Ashes To New is up. With their work ethic, constant touring, and eclectic style, the future is bright for this young band. | Marc Farr

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