Things I’m thinking about today

I just finished an entire carton of cherries by myself.


It's been an oddly inspiring day. Here is what has been on my mind:

I walked a dog past the protesters at Planned Parenthood. On purpose. Next time, I think I'll put a sandwich board on the dog with messages like:

* Keep your laws off my body!

* A woman should have the right to choose (it's a female dog)

* Get spayed if you don't like abortion

I think it would be funny. I wonder if they would arrest a dogwalker and her dog?

Drinking is best in the summertime. And by drinking, I mean the actual act of refreshing yourself with fluids. So much to choose from when the beverage can be iced: water, soda, lemonade, juice, tea, punch. In the winter, you're pretty much stuck with coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Bo-ring.

Fruits are also amazing. I just finished an entire carton of cherries by myself. Yesterday I tried to tempt Puck ferret with a cherry; she licked it a couple times but was otherwise uninterested.

Winter just sucks in general, I'm thinking. Even though I complain about the heat (I'm a dogwalker, after all), I still love summer. I've just learned to love spring a little more.

Cat litter tips. I've been thinking about this one a lot. As a petsitter, I scoop a lotta poop. And people use a lot of different types of litter. Here are my votes for best and worst:

* Best: Scoopable litter. Deodorant, multi-cat, as little dust as possible. But that one's easy.

* Worst: It's probably a tie. That  Swheat Scoop shit is disgusting. Does nothing to cover the odor, instead adding a sickly grainy smell to the urine. And it's hard to scoop it all out.

I also think the crystals are a waste of time and money. They claim to absorb urine odor. What they do is trick you into not having to scoop the pee clumps (because, well, the pee doesn't clump in the crystals). You end up with brown, extremely foul-smelling, concentrated pee at the bottom of the box. Hello, ammonia.

* Also a bad idea are litter box liners. They just make it hard to scoop and easy for bits of pee and poop to remain in the box. The box does not need to stay clean; it's a litter box.

The Live Earth concerts are a great idea, and fuck you if you want to make it about the politics and start pointing fingers at Al Gore. You want to point some fingers? Point to all those years of eroding environmental ordinances and your next door neighbor who doesn't recycle.

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