The swing of things

These little things are the stuff that life is made of.


I’ve decided to start titling all my blog entries after songs. Brownie points if you can name the artist on this one. I’m going back a ways (and crossing a large body of water)…

I’m still trying to return to form after the utter madness and constant excitement that was SXSW. It’s been harder this year. Grocery shopping seems so…mundane. Doing laundry. Washing the dishes. I’m having to remind myself that these little things are the stuff that life is made of; rock ‘n’ roll is just a diversion, albeit a very fun and exciting one.

My life continues to go in 80 directions at once. I now realize I was woefully incorrect in assuming things would "slow down" after we returned from Austin. On the plus side, though, it’s all positive action; things are moving forward, and it’s all good. Just a little crazy. (Diana, I need you! That tension in my shoulders is back…yeah, right there…)

Here in St. Louis, spring continues to make tentative steps. There’s more green each time I look out the window, so that’s a good thing. And the tulip trees are just about to bloom.

Blue October put on the most amazing show yet Saturday night. Mississippi Nights was packed, and every single person left satisfied. Good to see those boys finally getting their due. They took the oversize poster of our cover with us on their tour bus, god bless ’em. So PLAYBACK:stl is on the road right now, so to speak. So rock ‘n’ roll.

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