So much to do, so much to say…

I am positively giddy about SXSW this year. Morrissey. That is all I need to say.


I spent so much of my day putting out fires, talking to people, exchanging words, explaining urgencies. I sometimes (OK, often) forget the little things, like taking time to reflect, to appreciate, to laugh. (Sometimes, though, I remember to laugh too much. I am quite skilled at entertaining myself.)

I also forget to update the blog. It’s not that exciting things aren’t happening, nor that I don’t want to share them. It’s just that, well, I’m spending so much of my time swimming, just keeping up. This month—hell, this entire year—has been absolutely crazy. We’re switching printers, which is drastically moving up our deadline (but it will be worth it, you just wait! You’re gonna see the March issue and swell up with pride, much like we plan to do). It’s an important issue anyway, as it’s our big, annual SXSW invasion issue. We have been interviewing artists practically nonstop (finally, after four years of PLAYBACK:stl, I have interviewing down to a science. And I love it), pulling together as many profiles and previews as we can muster.

Oh, and did I mention I am positively giddy about SXSW this year? Morrissey. Truly, that is all I need to say. But I will say more, much more; just wait ’til the March issue!

So it’s back to the grind with me. But I wanted to touch base, let you know that I’m still alive, just frighteningly busy.

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