September settles in

It's as if the cool breeze has ushered in a contentment, of sorts.


One day I was walking along, sweating and humid and wishing for fall. The next day, the temperature had dropped and the hazy days of summer were a sudden, distant memory. Odd how that happens.

So now we've turned our calendars to September and labored (as usual) on Labor Day and the pools are officially closed for another season (yet again without our visiting them). The kids are back in school; though the equinox is still two weeks off, fall has, for all intents and purposes, arrived.

Another sign of fall? This week we head to the South Park Music Festival, in beautiful Fairplay, Colo. Similar to the way SXSW ushers in the spring, South Park welcomes the fall. Down in the mountains, the air is cooler (not to mention thinner) and the aspens have already begun to change colors. The weather's even got a bit of freezing rain in the forecast (now that I am not ready for).

Odd, though, how with the perceived change in seasons I feel more relaxed already. Gone is the hustle and intensity of summer; it's as if the cool breeze has ushered in a contentment, of sorts. (Or maybe it's just the antidepressants kicking in.) Whatever it is, I'm relishing it. If it means pulling a sweater around my shoulders or tugging an extra blanket onto the bed, so bet it; I'm all for it.

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