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Chicago's MOBfest celebrated its 10th anniversary this weekend, with three nights of shows, a handful of panels, and some invite-only parties. On the final night, we caught one of associate editor Jim Dunn's favorite bands, Radio 4.


Don't get me wrong: They're a great band, underappreciated in their home country as evidenced by the far-less-than-capacity crowd at the Double Door last night. They put on a highly entertaining show, and not only because P.J. is so damned fabulous on his multiple percussive instruments (with bonus gawky dance!).

But come on, guys: You're a political band (despite lead singer Anthony Roman's protests in our current issue that Enemies Like This is actually a personal album). You've got important, thought-provoking things to say. And, admittedly, despite this, you prefer using your stage time to perform, not preach.

So why then, in the only opportunity taken to actually speak to the audience, do you encourage us to smoke up, to be thankful we're in one of the last bastions of live music that actually allows smoking?

And should we be thankful for all the health risks inherent in said right, too? Living in a city where the smoking ban was gleefully struck down last year, I am a little bitter, it's true. But his words still struck me as juvenile, at best, if not outright moronic.

I think that, from now on, Radio 4 should just introduce the random song or two and be done with it. No more idle chatter for you guys; stick to the words through song and we'll all be happier. And dance a little bit harder, too.


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