No, I don’t own a dog

Musings at the end of a dog leash.


Ever since I can remember, I've been a summer person. It's always been my favorite season, the time of year I most enjoy. These past few years, though, I've leaned more toward spring: the lengthening days, the warm breezes, the temperature not yet sweltering and draining.

Yesterday I had an unfamiliar feeling: a longing for fall. I can't in my life ever remember actually looking forward to fall: less daylight, falling temperatures, and winter right around the corner. But now the chill seems welcome (I am sure that walking dogs in 90-plus-degree heat day after day had something to do with it). It sounds refreshing. I'm ready for the change.

As I walked through Shaw Park this afternoon, dog leash in hand and Eddie Cohn on the headphones and the filtered light through the trees just seemed right. The world seemed in balance. What is that line? Everything is as it should be in this moment. I was in the moment, and I was right.

The cats—and the husband—want their dinner. But this moment? This moment is mine.

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