My kitten is attacking my head

claude_smIf you saw him, you'd have to agree that Claude is the cutest kitten ever in the history of kittens in the world.





And that's a good thing, really. Despite your feelings for cats, if you saw him, you'd have to agree that Claude is the cutest kitten ever in the history of kittens in the world. He's adorable. He literally walked into our lives one night at a dinner party; it was meant to be. In fact, I'm convinced there's a secret Cat Action Network, as we've found three cats now without really meaning to. They find us; it's destiny.

claudeBut I really didn't sit down to blog about my cat. I've had all these thoughts in my head of late. Most of them strike me as I'm out walking dogs (it's a job; they're not mine), but I don't have one of those fancy handheld computer phones yet (and with a job as a dogwalker, probably won't anytime soon) so there they stay. Sometimes I remember to write about them; usually I forget I even had the thoughts.

I've been thinking lately how I'm really ready for 2006 to be over. It's been a tough year. Never mind taking PLAYBACK:stl from print to Web-only; really, it was a smart business decision and totally right for the culture and the medium and all that. And those extra couple weekends I get each month? Yeah, you know I absolutely love that. But it was still a loss, in a way; it was a part of our lives for so long, it defined us…and it's changed. It's no longer tangible (well, I suppose you can hold your laptop in your hands…but it's not the same).

We've lost two ferrets this year, too, both unexpected and wholly shocking. They're like kids to me (if you know me, you already know this; it probably even bothers you a little). But you find new fuzzies to love, and you try to be thankful for all you have, and you vow to remember them always. Really, it's just time; there's nothing else to heal those losses. (Except maybe new fuzzies to love; that does seem to help, especially when they kiss you back.)

But yeah…things are good and looking up. I'm ready for bigger & better things. Gonna get some record contracts for a couple of the bands I manage, get some serious promotional campaigns going, book some amazing shows and showcases. In short, make things happen. I hope you'll be around, 'cause it's gonna be fun.

Have you gone out and bought the new Kasabian CD yet? Do it, now. Help these egotistical Brits take over America. (And no, I'm not kidding; it's that good.)

Well, better get those dogs walked if I'm to make it to the Daybreak Boys show tonight.

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