Lollapalooza | Day 1

Lollapalooza correspondent and podcast impresario Kiernan Scrima is up in Chicago, soaking up the Midwestern sun and as many bands as possible at this year's Lollapalooza. In addition to sending frequent text messages to her editors and making us supremely jealous, Kiernan's also offered the following daily update from the Media Tent. Which has free beer. (See? I told you we were jealous.) Read on for Day 1…



Driving to Chicago is always an interesting activity, especially when one is stuck on the Dan Ryan and needing to pee. Here are more things that I've learned on Day 1:

  • Despite the fact that there are 100-something bands playing this weekend, I somehow forgot I can't be at nine stages all at once.
  • If you're a relative unknown band, don't be late for your set. Nothing makes people more angry than standing in the hot sun for over an hour to see you, only to find that you're lallygagging in the back and making us wait. There are eight other stages, you know.
  • Note to the people putting on the show: Could you please not have Lady Sovereign play halfway through the end of Ryans Adams' set and into the first half of Iron and Wine? You can barely hear them in a small room let alone a very large festival, and with those three stages being so close together—you do the math.
  • Jack White, how do you do those things you do?
  • And here's to the covers of other artists that are also playing Lollapalooza. I love hearing the same things twice. Really I do.
  • Backstage really is a nice place. I'm not sure if I was supposed to be there, but I can almost see why people were paying over $1,200/couple to be there. Almost.

Well, that's enough teasing for me. I'm off to go see…I'm not really sure, but it's someone good. More from me tomorrow.

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