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Seriously, I want to blog. I want to tell you about the amazing things I’m doing and the interesting thoughts that come to me thoughout the day. Trouble is, I’m generally away from my computer when these thoughts come to me, or when I have time to sit down and reflect on my life.

I’ve been keeping really busy. For one, you know all about PLAY:stl, right? It was awesome, and we’ve already begun planning year two (Sept. 18-20, 2008, once again on the Delmar Loop; mark your calendars!). After that, I went to two other festivals, one as a panelist (MidPoint Music Festival) and one where I actually hosted a showcase (CMJ Music Marathon in NYC). And then I went out of town yet again, to see an amazing acoustic set with string quartet by a band I love and am currently working.

So yeah, the PR/management side of my life keeps me pretty busy. In between, I stay on top of this site, posting other people’s articles, news items, events…and still managing to write my own stuff from time to time.

I’m thinking I’d like to start a weekly recommended shows/events list: you know, things I think look fun, things I will probably be at myself.

I’d also like to just take time, at least once a week, to let you know where my mind is. Sometimes I think some pretty cool thoughts, if I do say so myself. And I like sharing.

But for now, this little catch-up will have to do. And as a bonus, here is everything I recommend for next week:

Mon. 11/12: Regina Spektor @ The Pageant. But if you haven’t already bought tickets or won them from this site, you’re outta luck, as the show’s sold out.

Tues. 11/13: dozemarypool, The Sky Drops & Stella Mora @ Cicero’s. It’s only $5 for an amazing night of shoegaze-plus. Plus it’s PLAYBACK:stl presents; can’t go wrong.

Wed. 11/14: Modest Mouse @ The Pageant. Also sold out, but boy, are we excited about this one.

Thurs. 11/15: Casey Bazell, Jon Yeager & Josiah Rosen @ 2 Cents Plain. Another PLAYBACK:stl presents, this time three individual sets by some killer singer-songwriters.

Fri. 11/16: Enamel w/Dead Drive Fast @ Cruisin Rt. 66. Enamel’s one of our favorite alt-rock bands; if you haven’t seen ’em, you really should.

Sat. 11/17: Celebration @ The Pageant. Yeah, it’s a Led Zeppelin tribute. Yeah, we’re generally not fans of tribute/cover bands. But it’s Zeppelin, and these musicians are amazing.

Sun. 11/18: I will be asleep all day; don’t call me.

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