In defense of grey days

When it’s grey and dreary—as it has been here in St. Louis all weekend—it makes me want to crawl back under the covers and sleep. But there is much to be done…

I’m one of those people easily prone to SAD. I loathe the cold weather and super short days of winter, and days without sun may as well be days in the dark. But my life is not one I can hide from; there is always much to be done. The life of a magazine publisher is a hard one; in retrospect, I’m convinced I had no idea what I was signing on for when Jim and I began this venture almost four years ago. All I knew was I was combining two of my passions—writing and music—in an effort to tell people about some truly great things they were missing. Now I find myself with more work than I can ever conceivably finish (just do it as it’s due and hope that it’s enough) and far too little income. Truly, it’s still more debt than anything else. Like I said, why would anyone really choose this?

But there are days when it’s all worthwhile, magical, even. Days when you get one person’s feedback and you know that you’ve made a difference. Days when the music is just that good, and the privilege of listening to it is payment enough. Days when you know you are being true to yourself and, really, that’s the best any of us can hope for.

So you put up Christmas lights and you play music that you love—Christmas or otherwise; I have to admit to playing a fair share of alternative-tinged Xmas tunes already this season—and you enjoy the day, gloomy weather and all. Later on, you’ll bundle up and go for a run; sure, your lungs inhaling that frigid December air is a tad painfun, but it’s worth it: It lets you know you’re alive.

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