I’m doing it again.

Listening to nothing but independent music. Unsigned bands. Stuff most people haven't heard yet; stuff that moves me beyond words.


Just pulled out Brain Regiment's 2004 EP, Ancient Spaceman. I sometimes forget how good these songs are. Corey Saathoff's one of our town's undersung talents, to be sure. The music's not flashy or hip, but rather honest, true. It bears more than a passing resemblance to Uncle Tupelo, but that's in part because Saathoff's voice so resembles Jay Farrar's. There's a new album coming next month, with a CD release—and farewell—show on March 31 at the Duck Room. (Yes, we're sponsoring. Yes, you should be there.)

I also can't stop listening to the debut disc by John Boy's Courage, The Fall Precaution. If you haven't seen this band yet, trust me: you will. Todd Sarvies writes some amazing pop music, with white-boy-soul accents (Todd, please don't kill me for saying that). The band ably and richly backs his poetic words and rich, slightly imperfect voice to create a disc that demands repeat listens. (At least, that's my excuse. But then, it's always more fun when you've listened enough to learn the words and sing along.)

I like signed bands, too, don't get me wrong. But maybe it's because those bands already have someone championing them—they're signed already, for god's sake—and the independents need some exposure, someone in their corner. That is, after all, why we started this here mag: to sing the praises of what we loved, to bring them to a larger audience.

So I'm singing, and singing along. Give 'em a listen, why don't you. And check 'em out live. And let me know who else you think is amazing; go on, sing their song as loud as you can.



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